“Killing children is the biggest crime against humanity”

In the context of the development of events in Afrin and the intensification of attacks by the Turkish army on all areas of Afrin targeting civilians, , The number of child victims has increased from the wounded and martyrs, so the Kurdish Red Crescent presented and documented the last result of the children victims  from 20/1/2018 – 20/2/2018

UNICEF laws assure that children have the right of living, learning, playing, laughing and expressing themselves. However, here in Afrin children lost their innocence, their right of learning, playing and laughing because of the Turkish attacks on their houses, schools and parks. Afrin’s children aged too much because of their deep injuries as they lost their lives and the details in them. One child lost his hand, another lost his foot and most of children lost their family members with no one left. Afrin children sense fear, instability, lost and anger, they also live in basements that are not suitable for living.

Turkish government claims that it fights terrorism but this report will prove that children are the most targeted people as the number of victimized children have reached 69 among them 47 wounded and 22 martyrs.

Sherwa district: Turkish attacks bombed Sherwa district heavily and without mercy leading to three terrible massacres in three families, but children were the most increased number. Al-Hussien family that consist of three families were IDPs from Edlib-Ma’rt Nouma’n town who came to Jilboul village to look for a better and more secure life. The family was running a chicken ranch and working near their houses when the Turkish shells in 21\1\2018 surprised them. (24) members of the family were victims among them 11 children. The martyrs are: 1.Wael Al-Hussein one year old. 2.Salma Al-Hussein six years old. 3.Mousab Al- Hussein six years old. 4.Ghaliya Al-Hussein eight years old. 5.Hedel Al-Hussein ten years old. 6.Ahmed Al-Hussein seventeen years old. We are sorry for these pictures but we think it is important to show you facts and reality.

The wounded are: 1.Guma’ Mohemmed Al Hussien 14 years old got injury in his foot. 2.Hesen Ibrahim Al Hussien 2 years old got injury in his head. 3.Hemedah Ibrahim Al Hussien 3 years old got injury in her head.

Both Hesen and Hemida are in the photo below:

4.Ismial Mohemmed Ibrahim 12 years old got injuries in his lower parts.

5.Fadi Al Hussien 10 years old got injuries in his thigh and head.

Keno family was IDPs came to Gubeleh village in Sherwa district, they consisted of three families ( 25 ) members. They worked in grazing herds for their living but Turkish shells targeted them repeatedly until no one survived in 28\1\2018, even their houses became ashes. The KRC team did not recognize the bodies of people from herds, they saw a yard full of bodies among them( 5) children got martyred and 4 were wounded.

The martyrs are: 1. Kemal keno seven months.

2. Safaa Keno seven years old. 3.Hesen Keno thirteen years old. 4.Hanedy Keno fifteen years old. 5.Amera Keno seventeen years old. The wounded are: 1.Hesna’ Abd Allah Keno 2 years old got many fragments in her body. 2.Mehmoud Abd Allah Keno 6 years old got fragments in his sides. 3.Rehev Abd Allah Keno got fragments in his right forearm. 4.Abd Allah Mohemmed Keno got fragment in his right forearm. Kilaho family that lives in Basutah village in Sherwa district had a very horrible massacre by turkish shells in 19\2\2018. One of Kilaho’s relatives reported that the kids were playing outside with laughter and smiles on their faces when suddenly they started crying, screaming and the blood spread all over the place on their tiny bodies. Kilaho’s kids will never laugh again because of their deep injuries.

The martyr is: 1.Heva Ahmed Kilaho 13 years old.

The wounded are: 1.Dijwar Nazmy Kilaho 8 years old got injuries in his right knee.

2.Jeenav Ziad Kilaho 11 years old got injury in her knee.

3.Shivan Khalil Kilaho 6 years old got fragmen ts in his body.

4.Henan Mohemmed Kilaho 11 years old got injuries in his back and foot.

5.Ava Khalil Kilaho 11 years old got injuries in her forearm.

6.Dilber Kilaho 14 years old got bruising in her body.

7.Mohemmed Ziad Nebih 9 years old got fragments in his hand and thigh.

Jendyras district: The district most attacked and shelled to the extent that not a single day pass without victims. In Jendyas children live in basements and see death every day forgetting the meaning of the normal life and why they are children. Jendyras’ children dream of quite sleeping away from bombs and rockets’ sounds. In 23\1\2018 Turkish airstrikes caused a massacre between civilians among them 17 children. The wounded are: 1.Aya Nebo 7 years old got injury in her belly. 2.Ameen Rizan 10 years old got injury in his head. 3.Suzan Sibhy Sulieman 11 years old got injury in her head and forearm. 4.Jhonny Rizan 11 years old got injury in his head. 5.Mustefah Mohemmed Khelof 12 years got fragment in his lower limbs.

6.Aya Kedro 15 years old got fragments in her right knee. 7.Mustefah Khelof 14 years old got injury in his both left and right legs.

The martyrs are:

1.Jegar Khon Ameen Heydar 15 years old.

There are other victims at different dates. The martyr is: 1.Nazy Yousef Yousef 16 years old in 25\1\2018. The wounded are: 1.Yousef Abd Alruhman 15 years old got injury in his head in 21\1\2018 in Jelma village. 2.Mohemmed Jamil Sulieman 4 years old got a fragment in his leg in 22\1\2018 in Til Silour village.

3.Asya Mohemmed Khelof 15 years old got a fragment in her lower parts in 26\1\2018. 4.Hameed Rashid Mehmoud 4 years old got shot in his forehead in 4\2\2018 in Kefer Safra. 5.Ali Hesen Al Masry 13 years old got many fragments in his body in 16\2\2018 in Yelan Khouz village.

6.Akram Osman Shiekho 17 years old got arterial bleeding in 19\2\2018 in Jelemah village. As for the twins from Dier Belawt village: 7.Mehmoud Beder Dirmoush 10 years old got fragments in head and belly. 8.Mustaffah Beder Dirmoush 10 years old got injury in his ureter. The twins’ mother Diebah Ahmed 35 years old got sniper’s shot in her thigh.
Mobeteh district: Most victimized children in Mobeteh district were victims of a horrible massacre in 26\1\2018. Al Kheter family was IDPs from Til Kirah came to Mbeteh looking for security and better life but unfortunately they were targets of Turkish rockets and shells. The only survivor daughter said that it was early in the morning they were sleeping when Turkish military planes surprised them. Safaa Al Kheter’s family were seven members, the victimized children are: The martyrs are: 1.Yousra Taha Al-Khater nine years old. 2.Soulieman Taha Al-Khater fourteen years old. 3.Zaky Taha Al-Khater fifteen years old. 4.Moustefa Taha Al-Khater seventeen years old.

The other children are: 5.Lewand Mustefah Adnan 2 years old got injury in his head in Mirkan village in 11\2\2018.

Afrin city: The first victims in Afrin city because of Turkish airstrikes in 20\1\2018 were two kids from the same family one got martyred and the other got serious injuries in his body . this family was IDPs from Edileb who came to Afrin. The martyr is: 1.Yihya Ahmed Hemedah 9 years old.

The wounded is:

2.Khaled Ahmed Hemedah 11 years old got injuries in his belly and his medical situation is very critical. The result of the Turkish bombing to the villages on boarders, led to families leaving their houses and moving to Afrin city center among these families was Alieko family who moved from Jelemah village running away from Turkish fires there, they stayed in one of the building’s basements in Turnidah village. Seven members from Alieko family were victims: The martyr is: 1.Arhat Ahmed Alieko 9 years old got martyred even though doctors tried really hard to save him.

The wounded are: 1.Mohemmed Ahmed Alieko 10 years old got fragments in his leg and wrist.

2.Abdo Mousa 11 years old got injury in his thigh.

3.Rouha Ahmed Mohemmed 10 years old got her nose broken due to turkish attacks against Al Mehmoudiya nieghbourhood in 13\2\2018.
Bilbileh district: From the very first day Bilbileh district was under the sever attacks to the extent most villagers left their houses to save their lives. The wounded are: 1.Abdo Shieko 2 years got injury in his forehead in 13\2\2018 in Khoutah villag. 2.Mohemmed Noury Ibrahim 10 years old got bruising in his head in 15\2\2018 in Khoutana village. 3.Kawa Ahmed Hebib 17 years old got fragments and breaking in his thigh in 18\2\2018. In Khoutah village.
Rajo district: This district especially its border villages were the direct targets of the Turkish fires and the Jihadist groups, the thing that led to people moving from their villages and Rajo’s children were victims. The martyr is: 1.Mohemmed Khalil Beker 10 years old got martyred in 22\1\2018 in Al Teniyaw village. The wounded are: 1.Hiba Akram Osman 13 years old got injury in her forearm in 21\1\2018 in Adamo village.

2.Mustefah Apo Hemo 12 years old got injuries in his lower limbs in 21\1\2018. 3.Mohemmed Sido 5 years old got fragment in his foot in 26\1\2018. 4.Rojin Kharaman 16 years old got injury in her face.
Shiyeh district: The caves in Shiyeh district is full of the civilians sheltering from Turkish fires and attacks but it is obvious that turkish aircrafets insist on targeting innocent kids. The martyr is: 1.Mohemmed Khalil Beker 10 years old got martyred in 22\1\2018 in Al Toniyaw village. The wounded are: 2.Roujhat Ahmed 3 years old got injury in his chest in 23\1\2018. 3.Hussien Hesen Hemgolin 16 years old got in his shoulder in 23\1\2018. 4.Ahmed Mohemmed Kheljeko 7 years old got injury in h is head in 3\2\2018 in Chakhalaw village . In the same incident, his mother Zerifa Beyder Gezo got injuried.

5.Heva Mohemmed Ahmed 16 years old got injury in her wrist in 3\2\208 in Chakhalaw village, her parents got injuried in the same incident ( Fatmah Jamil Mustafah and Mohemmed Ahmed).
At the end of this report, we assure that it is possible that numbers of victimized children
increase daily as the Turkish attacks continue on Afrin. Therefore, we ask Human Rights
Organizations to do their jobs stopping the Turkish attacks on civilians and punish Turkish

government at committing war crimes against childhood. We also ask the UN to put into
consideration children’s situations in basements, caves and unsuitable places.
The victims mentioned above are those we could document them with names and photos.
There are possibilities that there are more numbers of victimized children.
It is worthy to mention that UNICEF gives blind eyes on the massacres and crimes against
childhood in Afrin.

Afrin-North Syria (a detailed file on the committed massacres done by the Turkish airstrikes with its allied forces on Afrin)



1.the first massacre in the first day of the Turkish airstrikes 20\1\2018:

The Turkish military airstrikes targeted several times Afrin city at around four o’clock afternoon in Turneda village. The attacks caused damages in people’s houses and souls, which led to a terrible massacre (IDP) family displaced to Afrin from Edileb.

But unfortunately  all the familly members were died.

Hemada family from Edileb were surprised by the sounds of the Turkish airplanes, the kids went out to see what was going on, but when the mother rushed to get her children in, she saw them on the ground with their organs out of their bodies.

The nine-year old Yehya Hemeda got martyr; even though the doctors tried hard to rescue him. His brother Khaled Hemeda who was eleven years old suffered from very bad injuries in abdomen and his situation is now very critical, hoping he will come over soon. Not to mention the injured member in the family.


2.the second massacre in the second day of the Turkish airstrikes 21\1\2018:

In the second day of the Turkish airstrikes on Afrin, Al-Hussien family in Jilboul town in Sherwa district, was the target of Turkish shells. This miserable family who consists of three families together came from Edileb as well – Maaret Nouman town as IDPs running away from the conflict in their area to Afrin region looking for a better way of living and shelter for their children.

The family managed to get a house in Jilboul village and ran a ranch for chickens, but the family faced a very awful massacre leaving 24 person injured among them 11martyrs and 8 wounded and 5 missing members, most of them were children and women.



The martyrs are:

1.Wael Al-Hussein one- year old.

2.Salma Al-Hussein six years old.

3.Mousab Al- Hussein six years old.

4.Ghaliya Al-Hussein eight years old.

5.Hedel Al-Hussein ten years old.

6.Ahmed Al-Hussein seventeen years old.

7.Rehef Al-Hussein thirty three years old.

8.Bedar Al-Hussein twenty four years old.

9.unknown person

10.Emad Shamo twenty nine years old.

11.Ahmed Rehmano thirty seven years old

The wounded are:

1.Guma Mohemmed Al-Hussein seventeen years old.

2.Hemeda Ibrahim three years old.

3.Hesen Ibrahim Al-Hussein two years old.

4.Fadi Mohemmed Eed ten years old.

5.Ismail Mohemmed Ibrahim twelve years old.

6.Ibrahim Mohemmed Ibrahim thirty five years old.

7.Khaled Mohemmed Ali thirty six years old.



3.the third massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 23\1\2018:

Turkey forces along with what so called the free army and other gangs bombed randomly the civilians in Jendayrs district where both Arabs and Kurds live together with heavy weapons. The Turkish airstrikes focused on Al-Hemam village ) still under attacks) . Turkish and gangs’ shells left a lot of damages among poor civilians causing a terrible massacre between kids, women and elderly people. The numbers of victims reached to 45 people from them five martyrs and 41 wounded. The medical center was also attacked and the Kurdish Red Crescent’s ambulance got shot by many shots.

The martyrs are:

1.unknown child four years old.

2.Elmaza Shieko Horo fifty years old.

3.unknown women fifty five years old.

4.unknown person nineteen years old.

5.Gigar Khon fifteen years old.


4.the fourth massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 26\1\2018:

The bombs , shells and rockets target almost all towns, villages and regions in Afrin . This time the Turkish forces with its terrorist groups targeted Moubeta district leading to a very terrible massacre in a civilian family who were refugees from Tel-Kirah town in North Aleppo. The victims were seven members from the same family. Al-Khater family came to Afrin looking for a living and a safe shelter for their children. But unfortunately they became an easy target for Turkish shells which destroyed their homes on their heads while they were sleeping.

The six martyrs are:

1.Yousra Taha Al-Khater nine years old.

2.Soulieman Taha Al-Khater fourteen years old.

3.Zaky Taha Al-Khater fifteen years old.

4.Moustefa Taha Al-Khater seventeen years old.

5.Amena Taha Al-Khater fourty years old.

6.Taha Moustefa Al-Khater fourty five years old.

As for the seventh member Safaa Taha Al-Khater nineteen years old, she had some minor injuries, the doctors assure that her psychological situation is very bad after she knew that all her family were dead.

5.the fifth massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 28\1\2018:

Afrin people woke up on a very awful massacre on Gubela village in Sherwa district. Keno family who consists of three families together came to Afrin region looking for a better life. The family worked in grazing herds of sheeps. According to the father  ( the only survivor) , the Turkish airstrikes bombed their houses with four rockets continuously making the house fall to the ground. When the rescue team of the Kurdish red crescent arrived to the place, they found a yard full of parts of bodies to the extent the team couldn’t recognize the shredders of human ‘s and herds’.

The victims of this massacre were mostly kids and women.

The eight martyrs are:

1.the child Kemal keno seven months.

2.the child Safaa Keno seven years old.

3.Hesen Keno thirteen years old.

4.Hanedy Keno fifteen years old.

5.Amera Keno seventeen years old.

6.Jourya Keno fourty five years old.

7.Fatema Abd Rebo fourty years old.

  1. Rewan Al-Aswad twenty years old.

While the rest they were badly wounded.

The names of wounded:

1.Abedallah Keno fifty years old.

2.Mohemmed Abedallah Keno twenty seven years old.

3.Abedallah Mohemmed Keno two years old.

4.Hesnaa Abedallah Keno two years old.

5.Mehmoud Abedallah Keno six years old.

6.Rehef Abedallah Keno five years old.

7.Bedriya Abedallah Keno eighteen years old.

  1. the sixth massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 31\1\2018:

The Turkish airstrikes once again targeted Afrin city-Turneda village randomly. The savage attacks caused a very painful massacre to a very miserable family who already ran away from the Turkish fires in Jalema town. Aleko family were taking place in one of the basements in Turenda village as a temporary place. The reckless shell went directly to the basement leading to many injuries with their little child as a martyr.

The wounded are:

1.Mohemmed Aleko seventy five years old.

2.Ali Ekrem Aleko fourty years old.

3.Mohemmed Ahmed Aleko ten years old.

4.Abedo Mousa Mousa eleven years old.

5.Gulah Mohemmed Khalil fourty years old.

At the end of this report we assure that the numbers of martyrs increase daily as most of the wounded ‘s situations are very critical. This report include massacres from 20\1\2018   to  31\1\2018.

The Turkey shells don’t mercy even the angels of mercy

The last targeting in Rajo area on 5-2-2018, which hit an area close to our medical point , damaged only the material things and all medical team are well .

We strongly condemn this aggression against civilians and medical points and emphasize that we in the Kurdish Red Crescent will continue our work until the end and, such acts will never stop us from serving our people in Afrin.

The loss of water is a real crisis for Afrin

     In 24\1\2018  Al-Maydenka Dam, the main and only source that provides Afrin city by clean and drinkable water, was targeted by the turkish airstrikes. The targeting on the big generators, the main pumbs and the fuel tanks led to a huge shortage in watre in Afrin city, creating a serious crisis in finding drinkable water. So, people started to buy water tanks from the artesian wells. The crisis led people to worry about the problem of finding new alternatives to get water to the city, since most of the artesian wells are not safe for drinking. There are not also other reserving tanks for conserving water.

So we can say that Afrin is  in a very serious crisis that requires immediate action from the specialised organisations around the world.


EFRÎN “HUMANITARIAN SITUATION,location,history and victims

Efrîn is a district as well as a city that is 40 Kilometers to the North West

of Aleppo, and it has become part of self-autonomous rule since its

establishment in 2012. Later it became part of the Democratic Federation

of Northern Syria, declared in 2016.

The region’s population was nearly 500,000 before 2011. It is comprised

of many towns and circa 380 vilages. After 2011 and due to massive

military operations between the regime and the opposition in nearby

Idlib and Northern Aleppo suburbs, in addition to the fall of oppositioncontrolled areas in Aleppo city to the regime in December 2016, the area

was considered as a safe haven for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

from many areas all over Syria. The number of IDPs is roughly 250,000,

in addition to many families from the region who used to live in Aleppo

before 2011. The current unconfirmed number of the civilians in Efrîn

region is around 800,000 people including IDPs.

Despite many battles between the SDF that control the area, and some

Islamist groups (including AQ’s Nusra front) and other armed groups,

the SDF maintained its control over the region since it took over in 2012.


The Turkish state and some islamist groups have started a military attack

on the 20th of January 2018 with an intensive bombardment by Turkish

warplanes targeting military sites and civil ordinations in Efrîn.

Major attacks from the border with Turkey, starting from Turkey’s soil.

are targeting the Northern, Eastern and Western areas of Efrîn region,

causing massive displacement within the region and many civillian

casualties accordıng to UN; until now more than 16.000 have been

dispalced since 20.1.2018

Due to the bombardments, humanitary vialations on civillians and

displacements the area is facing a humanitarian crisis and disaster.

There are grave concerns for the civilians who are in the remote areas

and who lack access to healthcare, shelter and food.

The Turkish military attack does not only target Efrin, but they also

target the Kobanê and Cizîrê cantons.

SDF spokesman in 1.2.2018 has declared that in the period between26/1/2018

 until 1.2.2018

– their forces have been fighting with Turkey and its allies inside Efrin

more than 250 times

– More than 1893 rocket came inside Efrin from Turkey

. Turkey used internationally forbidden weapon


In 2.2.2018 Heyva Sor a Kurd Medical team in Rajo has

reported a suspension of Chemical attack:

At 3:45 p.m. 5 asayish forces in name of (Abduletif Ibrahim 32 years old Ahmed Husni Abdo 37 years old- Melaz Alafo 22 years old – Mamo Jemo

 years old) came to the trauma stabilization point of KRC with 30

symptoms of (Nausea- vomiting- difficulties in Breathing- partially

unconscious) . Those five asayishes were protected inside a cave, and a

rocket targeted the front side of the cave after they were protected inside.

KRC team who registered those cases has been trained in the chemical

response in Raqqa battle for such attack, based on WHO standards and

in project under Echo support in Raqqa governorate. The team could not

analyze the situation very well according to the team leader Jamila

Hame, but they get the PPE anyway for protection and decontamination


The fear of a chemical attack stems from the fact that the Turkish state

considers the Kurdish forces in Syria as part of PKK, and before now

Turkey in many periods used Chemical weapons against PKK in Turkey.


The Asayish forces group those were in a cave in Rajo , they came to KRC casualty collection point with

symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and difficulties in breathing



Efrîn is located in the northwestern corner of Syria, and it is 60 Km

away from the Aleppo province. Immigration to the province began

since the beginning of the crisis in 2011 because of the clashes between

the Syrian regime and the free army. With the intensification of the

conflict, the influx of refugees to the province increased to more than

300,000 IDPs from various Syrian regions near Efrîn (such as Aleppo,

Hamma, Al-Raqqa, Idlib, Kobani, Izaz, Al-Tabqqa, Ihzer, Tel Hasel, Tel

Aaran, Kefr Naya) and other regions.

IDPs distributed to the villages, cities of Efrîn and the shelters as follows:

 – in the province center: 143505 IDPs.

 in Sherawa area: 76005 IDPs.-

.  in Jendres area: 43510 IDPs-

– in Rajo area: 6970 IDPs.

–  in Shran area: 10105 IDPs.

 in Shekh Al-Hadid area: 780 IDPs.-

– in Bilbil area: 1645 IDPs.

 – in Maabtli area: 2207 IDPs.

The total number of the registered IDPs are 284,727.

One of the most important reasons that led people to move to the

province is the security and peace in Efrîn and the relatively easy access

to Efrîn, albeit being in proximity to the area of conflict.

Efrîn has been a region in which predominantly Kurds were living. Since

the start of the war it has become a mosaic of ethnic/religious diversity as

refugees from many neighboring cities have turned to the region for aid.

The self-administration helped facilitate the entry of IDPs into the


province. This has led the IDPs to integrate into society and lead a

normal life without discrimination.

After a significant increase in IDPs numbers the self-administration has

decided to create Rubar camp near Al-Basela village in Al-Sherawa area.

However, the continuation of the Syrian crisis and the attacks of the

Turkish state has increased the rate of immigration to the camp. Because

the capacity to take in IDPs had to be increase, it was necessary to

quickly initiate the establishment of Al-Shahba camp near Kashtar village

in the Sherawa area.

About Rubar Camp:

Rubar camp is located in the east of the Efrîn canton, about 25

kilometers away from the center of Efrîn city. The camp was finally

established on 27/9/2014 with a preliminary capacity of 100 tents,

providing 575 families a safe place for the Syrian refugees fleeing from

the death specter around the conflict area (f.e. Tel Refaat, Maraa, Shekh

Issa, Babis, Al-bab, izaz, Kefr Naseh, Aleppo and its western countryside ,

Al-Qunitera, Hamma, Humus, Al-Tabqqa, Idlib and Damascus


Unfortunately the Turkish state has purposefully attacked the camp with

missiles more than once, and the children of the camp came out

objecting to the bombing on 30/7/2017. On 18/1/2018 the camp was hit

by shrapnel which came from Turkish invaded territory. As a result, at

least seven families left the camp for fear of their lives, being yet again

running from war.


About Al-Shahba Camp:

The camp is located on the southeast of Efrîn, about 25 Km away

from it. The self-administration has established this camp on

14/7/2016 after the Turkish state attacks on the northern Aleppo

countryside. The clashes continue around the camp between the

opposition and ISIS.

The camp capacity reached 270 tents inhabited by 273 families. The

migrant families living here came from several areas (such as Harbl, AlShekh Issa, Im Hush, Al-Wrdia, Tel Mksour, Al-Shahba’s dam areas, AlBab, Menbeg, Izaz, Al-Raqqa and Al-Tabqqa). Many other

IDPs/immigrants distributed to the cities and villages of Efrîn.



 Photo showing Kurdish Red Crescent rescue teams trying to evacuate a child stuck under wreckage after

warplanes attacked a poultry farm near the village of Anabke in Efrîn suburbs where IDPs were taking shelter,

this attack led to many deaths amongst civilians / 21 January 2018

Cilbirê village / 28 January 2018


Civilians live in Basements and Caves in the Jinderes district area in Efrin, they are suffering oflack of water,

food, electicity and basic health services Cindirêsê – Hemame Village – 27 Jan 2018


Destruction of civilian houses in Jinderes town in Efrîn suburbs / 24 January 2018

Civilian who was evacuating his familly after being he treated his uncle in (Rajo) in KRC Casiualty colectiv

point. During transporting the familly to Efrin Hosputal, their car was targeted and as a reasult he lost his are,

the auncle and his wife lost their legs,


A mother in the Rajo area lost her legs on January 30, 2018 due to a Turkish air strik.

She was transported to Avrîn Hospital.

The number of victims of Turkish bombing  on the (Shya – Sherwa – Mobato –Bilbila – Jenders – Shera – Rajo –Afrin city) in the Afren

From  20/1/2018 to 29/1/2018 

  • Children victims :wounded(27) , dead(22)
No Nav(name) Temen(age) Brîn(Diagnosis) Cih(place) Dîrokabrînê(date of the injury) Dîroka şehadetê(date of  the martyr)
1 Hussen Hesen Hemkalino 16 Shoulder injury Shya 23/1/2018  
2 Ez Alden Amer 8 martyr Shya   21/1/2018
3 Rojhat Ahmad 3 Chest injury Shya 23/1/2018  
4 Yhya Ahmad Hamada 9 martyr Afren  city   20/1/2018
5 Khaled Hamada 11 Open abdominal Afren city 20/1/2018  
6 Wael Al Hussen 1 martyr Sherwa   21/1/2018
7 Selma AlHussen 6 martyr Sherwa   21/1/2018
8 Musaab Al-Hussen 6 martyr Sherwa   21/1/2018
9 Ghalea Al Hussen 8 martyr Sherwa   21/1/2018
10 Hedel Al -Hussen 10 martyr Sherwa   21/1/2018
11 Ahmad Al Hussen 17 martyr Sherwa   21/1/2018
12 Cuma Muhammad Al Hussen 17 Leg injury Sherwa 21/1/2018  
13 Hameda Ibrahem 3 Head injury Sherwa 21/1/2018  
14 Hessen Ibrahem Al Hussen 2 Head injury Sherwa 21/1/2018  
15 Fady Muhammad Eed 10 Head injury Sherwa 21/1/2018  
16 Ismael Muhammad Ibrahem 12 Pelvic injury Sherwa 21/1/2018  
17 Hasna Abdulaah Kino 2 Many injury in the head Sherwa 28/1/2018  
18 Mahmud Abdulaah Kino 6 Many injury in the ends Sherwa 28/1/2018  
19 Rahaf Abdulaah Kino 5 Shrapnel in the right forearm Sherwa 28/1/2018  
20 Amera Kino 17 martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
21 Hassan Kino 13 martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
22 Kemal Kino 7 months martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
23 Henadi Kino 15 martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
24 Sefaa Kino 7 martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
25 Abdulaah Muhammad Kino 2 Shrapnel in the right forearm Sherwa 28/1/2018  
26 Yesra Taha AlKhater 9 martyr Mobato   26/1/2018
27 Suleman Taha Al Khater 14 Martyr Mobato   26/1/2018
28 Zeki Taha Al Khater 15 martyr Mobato   26/1/2018
29 Mustafa Taha AlKhater 17 martyr Mobato   26/1/2018
30 Unidentified   martyr Mobato   21/1/2018
31 Aya  Nbo 7 Abdominal injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
32 Amen Rezan 10 Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
33 Sozan Subhi Suleman 11 Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
34 Joni rezan 11 Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
35 Mustafa Muhammad Khalof 12 Lower limb injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
36 Nazy yousif yousif 16 martyr Jenders   25/1/2018
37 Asya Muhammad Khalof 15   Jenders 26/1/2018  
38 Unidentified 14 martyr Jenders   23/1/20183
39 Muhammad Gamel Suleman 4 Shrapnel in the leg Jenders 22/1/2018  
40 Mustafa Khalof 14 Injury in the left leg Jenders 23/1/2018  
41 Aya Kedro 15 Shrapnel in the right knee Jenders 23/1/2018  
42 Jeger Khwen 15 martyr Jenders   23/1/2018
43 Yousif Abdul Rahman 15 Head injury Jenders 21/1/2018  
44 Hiba Akram Osman 13 Humerus injury Rajo 21/1/2018  
45 Mustafa Abu Hamo 12 Injury in the lower ends Rajo 23/1/2018  
46 Muhammad sedo 5 Shrapnel in the leg Rajo 26/1/2018  
47 Rojin Qahraman 16 Face injury Rajo 28/1/2018  
48 Muhammad Khelil Bekir 10 martyr Rajo   22/1/2018



  • Famel victims :wounded (28) , dead(10)
No Nav(name) Temen(age) Brîn(Diagnosis) Cih(place) Dîrokabrînê(date of the injury) Dîroka şehadetê(date of  the martyr)
1 Asya Shekh Murad 70 Head injury Shya 23/1/2018  
2 Feyroz Omar   Back injury Shya 21/1/2018  
3 Hanan Alan 20 Thigh injury Shya 22/1/2018  
4 Kajin Shekh Muhammad   Bruising in the left foot Shya 21/1/2018  
5 Fareda Kolen 56 Shrapnel in the chest Shya 23/1/2018  
6 Amara Ali 21 martyr Shya   21/1/2018
7 Zeynab Hemklino 40 Head injury Shya 21/1/2018  
8 Viyan Rashed   Shock Afrin city 21/1/2018  
9 Salwa Muhamad Mho 35 shock Afrin city 23/1/2018  
10 Rahaf Al Hussen 33 martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
11 Juriya Kino 45 martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
12 Rawan Al Aswad 20 martyr Sherwa    
13 Bedria Abdulaah Kino 18 Shrapnel in the right leg Sherwa 28/1/2018  
14 Fatima Abd Rabuh 40 martyr Sherwa   28/1/2018
15 Unidentified 30 martyr Sherwa   21/1/2018
16 Safa Taha Al Khater 19 Bruises and superficial wounds Mobato 26/1/2018  
17 Unidentified   Shock Mobato 21/1/2018  
18 Amina Mustafa Al Khater 40 martyr Mobato   26/1/2018
19 Basema Muhamad Bajo 32 superficial wounds Jenders 23/1/2018  
20 Almasa Shekho Horo 50 martyr Jenders   23/1/2018
21 Unidentified woman 55 martyr Jenders   23/1/2018
22 Zeynab Yousif 55 Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
23 Selva Eed   shock Jenders 21/1/2018  
24 Nazera Haj Mahmud 50 Broke in the Left thigh Jenders 23/1/2018  
25 Sawsan Gemil 33 martyr Jenders   22/1/2018
26 Sipan Ali 24 shock Jenders 24/1/2018  
27 Sherevan Amen 32 Left foot injury Jenders 24/1/2018  
28 Warda Ahmad Al Shawakh 65 Shot in the thigh Jenders 26/1/2018  
29 Feda Ali 22 Bruising Jenders 27/1/2018  
30 Merkan Eed 21 Shooting by fire Jenders 25/1/2018  
31 Arin Hassan 33 Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
32 Amena Khalil 50 Shrapnel in the left leg and noise wounded Jenders 23/1/2018  
33 Unidentified woman   Face injury Shara 21/1/2018  
34 Rokeyv   Bruising in the body Rajo 21/1/2018  
35 Hanefa Kunis 35 Thigh and sholder injury Rajo 23/1/2018  
36 Shamsa Musa 75 Many broken Rajo 23/1/2018  
37 Avin Azad   martyr Rajo   21/1/2018
38 Diryan Muhammad Sedo   Chest and foot injury Rajo 21/1/2018  


39 Rwayda Aybsh 23 shock Rajo 29/1/2018  



  • Male victims :wounded (111) , dead(25)
No Nav(name) Temen(age) Brîn(Diagnosis) Cih(place) Dîrokabrînê(date of the injury) Dîroka şehadetê(date of  the martyr)
1 Muhammad Muhammad   Ears injury Shya 22/1/2018  
2 Ali Muhamad Khalo 37 Abdominal injury Shya 26/1/2018  
3 Heval Menan   Head injury Shya 22/1/2018  
4 Ahmad Ali Murad 20 Leg and knee injury Shya 24/1/2018  
5 Zakarya Hason 37 Injury in the left hand Shya 24/1/2018  
6 Majed Haysam Shabo 41 Surface wounds Shya 24/1/2018  
7  Alosh Muhamad Mustafa 25 Many injury in the body Shya 24/1/2018  
8 Ibrahem Khalil Muhammad 45 Shrapnel in the leg Shya 20/1/2018  
9 Marwan Horo 32 shock Shya 24/1/2018  
10 Muhammad Rashed Hassan 33 martyr Shya   24/1/2018
11 Shekho Haydar Shalik 39 martyr Shya   24/1/2018
12 Rashed AlNsan 55 martyr Shya   21/1/2018
13 Muhammad Ahmad Baker 66 martyr Shya   28/1/2018
14 Ali Ahmad Baker 58 martyr Shya   28/1/2018
15 Ryad Denkli 35 Bruising in the body Shya 27/1/2018  
16 Aref Alo Aziz 82 martyr Shya   29/1/2018
17 Ahmad Al Ahmad 39 Leg injury Afrin city 20/1/2018  
18 Hamada Muhammad Ali 32 Shoulder injury Afrin city 20/1/2018  
19 Amar Alburj 19 Bruising in theBackbones Afrin city 20/1/2018  
20 Kinjo Kinjo Ali 60 Head injury Afrin city 20/1/2018  
21 Sabri Muhammad MUhammad 54 Shrapnel in the lower ends Afrin city 20/1/2018  
22 Mustafa Muhammad   shock Afrin city 21/1/2018  
23 Muhammad Abdo Kinjo 27 martyr Afrin city   21/1/2018
24 Muhammad Kado 32 martyr Afrin city   21/1/2018
25 Ibrahem Muhammad Al Hussen 35 Injury in the backbones Sherwa 20/1/2018  
26 Khalid Muhamad Ali 46 Noise injury sherwa 21/1/2018  
27 Kefah Musa ALamer   Broke in the bones sherwa 21/1/2018  
28 Unidentified Man 30 martyr sherwa 21/1/2018  
29 Emad shemo 29 martyr sherwa 21/1/2018  
30 Ahmad Rehmano 37 martyr sherwa   21/1/2018
31 Basm Suleman   shock sherwa 21/1/2018  
32 Abdullah Kino 50 Many shrapnel in the body sherwa 28/1/2018  
33 Abdullqadir Kenjo 28 Bruising sherwa 21/1/2018  
34 Hassan Hassan   Leg injury Mobato 21/1/2018  
35 Mustafa Ali   Foot injury Mobato 21/1/2018  
36 Taha Mustafa Alkhater 45 martyr Mobato   26/1/2018
37 Ahmad Ebrahem Muhammed 23 Shrapnel in the hand Bilbila 29/1/2018  
38 Reshed Daowd Esaa 71 Shrapnel in the hand Bilbila 23/1/2018  
39 Mahmud Mustafa Mestory 60 martyr Bilbila   27/1/2018
40 Majd Adel Beker   Broke in the left hand Jenders 21/1/2018  
41 Basel Hassan   bruising Jenders 21/1/2018  
42 Mahmod   Broke in the leg Jenders 23/1/2018  
43 Abdal Setar Amer   Leg injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
44 Saher Mamo   Broke in the right leg Jenders 23/1/2018  
45 Ali Al shekh   Leg injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
46 Bilend   Shrapnel in the head Jenders 23/1/2018  
47 Rashed Nasan   Shrapnel in the lower collarbone Jenders 23/1/2018  
48 Azad Ali   Wounded in the face Jenders 23/1/2018  
49 Mahmud Musa   Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
50 Chakdar Rohilat   Lost the mind Jenders 23/1/2018  
51 Aziz Arab   Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
52 Redwan Habash   Shrapnel in the right hand Jenders 23/1/2018  
53 Hamed Batal 30 Head and face injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
54 Yousif Abdulrahman   Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
55 Sherwan Muhammad   Shrapnel in the head Jenders 23/1/2018  
56 Mahmud Kurdi   shock Jenders 23/1/2018  
57 Ramadan Muhammad   shock Jenders 23/1/2018  
58 AbdulRahman Hassan   Bruising in foot Jenders 23/1/2018  
59 Unidentified Man 19 martyr Jenders   23/1/2018
60 Roni 19 Forehead injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
61 Chekdar Afren 26 Chan injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
62 Muhammad Rashed Hasan 40 Nick injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
63 Hasan Hiso 52 Face and right Shoulder injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
64 Hasan Hussen Muhamad 59 Face injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
65 Muhammad Suleman Aliko 67 Head injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
66 Zagros Hasan 20 Head injury Jenders 26/1/2018  
67 Brosk Afren 18 High in the temperature and shock Jenders 26/1/2018  
68 Nidal Ahmad 27 martyr Jenders   26/1/2018
69 Kemal Hisko 36 Bruising in the back Jenders 27/1/2018  
70 Dijwar Muhamad 21 Shrapnel in the face Jenders 27/1/2018  
71 Armanj Haj Muhammad 20 Shrapnel in the face Jenders 27/1/2018  
72 Sarhad Haj Ali 21 Shrapnel in the face Jenders 27/1/2018  
73 Muhammad Oso YOusif 66 Shrapnel in the head Jenders 21/1/2018  
74 Hussen Muhammad Ali 55 Leg injury Jenders 26/1/2018  
75 Sudqi AbdulRahman Musa 46 Shrapnel in the leg Jenders 26/1/2018  
76 Chekdar Ezalden 40 Shoulder injury and shock Jenders 24/1/2018  
77 Adeb Omer 22 Shrapnel in the Shouler Jenders 24/1/2018  
78 Baker Adnan   martyr Jenders   21/1/2018
79 Muhammad Hanan   martyr Jenders   21/1/2018
80 Bashar Dilsher welat   martyr Jenders   21/1/2018
81 Chekdar   Martyr Jenders   21/1/2018
82 Sipan Muhamad 38 Back injury Jenders 28/1/2018  
83 Abdulkarem Ali 22 shock Jenders 23/1/2018  
84 Artesh 24 Left leg injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
85 Fadakar 22 bruising Jenders 27/1/2018  
86 Rashed Nabe Kindi 80 General bruising Jenders 27/1/2018  
87 Shekri Muhammad Kindi 76 Shrapnel in the chest and elbow Jenders 27/1/2018  
88 Botan 21   Jenders 27/1/2018  
89 Rezan 20 Shrapnel in the right leg and brooking Jenders 23/1/2018  
90 Aras Hiske 42 shock Jenders 23/1//2018  
91 Waled Tersely 28 martyr Jenders   21/1/2018
92 Ahmad Sabry Kindi 45 Backbones injury Jenders 23/1/2018  
93 Saed Mussa   leg injury Shera 21/1/2018  
94 AbdulRahman Qadir 50 Martyr Shera   24/1/2018
95 Muhammad Horro   Leg injury Shera 21/1/2018  
96 KHayri Darwesh   shock SHera 21/1/2018  
97 Hussen Shivan   Head injury Rajo 22/1/2018  
98 Welat Muhammad Bero 48 Leg injury Rajo 24/1/2018  
99 Osman Hyder Muhammad 62 Head injury Rajo 28/1/2018  
100 Mustafa Haj Ali 74 Eyes injury Rajo 26/1/2018  
101 Amad Tolhildan 20 leg amputate Rajo 28/1/2018  
102 Zaem Oso 19 Head injury Rajo 20/1/2018  
103 Agid Hussen Sedo 29 Surface wounded Rajo 27/1/2018  
104 Omar Muhammad 34 Surface wounded Rajo 27/1/2018  
105 Abo Halab   Car accident because of shelling Rajo 22/1/2018  
106 Ibrahim   Car accident because of shelling Rajo 22/1/2018  
107 Qazaz   Car accident because of shelling Rajo 22/1/2018  
108 Taha Alo   Car accident because of shelling Rajo 22/1/2018  
109 Tamer Belal   Car accident because of shelling Rajo 22/1/2018  
110 Giwan Rashed 29 bruising Rajo 28/1/2018  
111 Cuma Shaban 32 Bruising Rajo 27/1/2018  
112 Samer Nabo 35 Surface wounded Rajo 27/1/2018  
113 Ali Shekri Abdo 35   Rajo 28/1/2018  
114 Geker Derbasea 25 shock Rajo 27/1/2018  
115 Shyar Amanos   Shout fire Rajo 22/1/2018  
116 Khengo Zekerya Nabo 27 Broke in the leg Rajo 27/1/2018  
117 Asmat Gogo 62 Internal bleeding Rajo 26/1/2018  
118 Shero Anor Kons 18 martyr Rajo   25/1/2018
119 Majd Abd   martyr Rajo   21/1/2018
120 Genkez Ahmad Khalil 20 martyr Rajo   23/1/2018
121 Merkhaz Ghareb   Surface wounded Rajo 21/1/2018  
122 Ferhad Mohammed Hemdosh   Shrapnel wounded Rajo 21/1/2018  
123 Shahin Abab   Shrapnel wounded Rajo 22/1/2018  
124 Mohammed Bilal   Shrapnel in the head Rajo 22/1/2018  
125 Unidentified Man   martyr Rajo   22/1/2018
126 Sepan Abdo 38 Shrapnel in the back Rajo 28/1/2018  
127 Kameran Khalo 28 bruising Rajo 29/1/2018  
128 Mohammed Ali Reshed 63 Shrapnel in the foot Rajo 30/1/2018  
129 Idres Hanan 37 Face injury Rajo 30/1/2018  
130 Suheb Almasry(press) 30 bruising Rajo 30/1/2018  
131 Restm Efren (press) 32 bruising Rajo 30/1/2018  
132 Rojhat Efren(press) 20 bruising Rajo 30/1/2018  
133 Qendel Efren(press) 22 bruising Rajo 30/1/2018  
134 Ahmad Kotely(press) 27 Head injury Rajo 30/1/2018  
135 Asmail Shekho 18 bruising Rajo 30/1/2018  



Heyva Sor a Kurd (the Kurdish Red Crescent) is aiming to organise aid

and support for people of Efrîn. Under the actual urgent situation, the

only organisation providing humanitarian aid in Efrîn is our institution.

Heyva Sor a Kurd is a Kurdish institution carrying out humanitarian aid

activities in light of universal values and principles with the aim of

providing help to anyone who suffers war, disaster and poverty

regardless of their ethnicity, religion and political preferences.

At the moment we are aiding the civilians who suffered the

bombardment of invasive Turkish war planes and artilleries. We are

transferring the wounded civilians from the war zone to available

hospitals and medical centres.


 Medical drugs, emergency drugs and medical supplies for


 Ambulances,

 Food supplies,

 Winter clothes,

 Dairy products for babies and children.



International solidarity is needed more than ever to bring the current

humanitarian disaster in Efrîn to a halt. We are inviting international

organizations and actors to support Efrîn today.

We appeal to the silence of the international society against the invasion

of Efrîn by Turkish forces and we expect the international society to put

pressure on Turkey to stop its aggression against Efrîn region and to stop

the violation of the Syrian sovereignty.


Heyva Sor a Kurd


To provide support, the contact information is below;

Heyva Sor a Kurd – Efrîn

Dr. Nûrî Qenber . Efrîn Branch health manager and C0-Chaır of KRC

+9639404399690 [email protected]

[email protected]

Heyva Sor a Kurd – NES and Rojava

Dr. Şerwan Bery . health Manager and Co-chair of KRC.

+963991086144  [email protected]

Heyva Sor a Kurd – Europe initiative

Ozlem Yaşar

+41774060213 [email protected]

Ramazan Aram

+41788739594 [email protected]

Umut Karacadagli

+31655146121   [email protected]

Dr. Azad Badikî

+31651752739 [email protected]

Heyva Sor a Kurd – Italia

Alican Yildiz

+393274571923 [email protected]