The Kurdish Red Crescent Afreen branch / center

The first humanitarian organization in Afreen Canton where have done to presentation all helps in all domains for poors and needed people

In 2013 they have presented financial, morale , medical to IDPs of Shekh Meqsud in schools

In 2014 KRC has presented medical services to IDPs of Til Hasil , Til Arran, and  Ahrez in encampment of M. Dokhan in Kefir geneh

Now the center  is presenting the medical services, including ;

Dentists clinic : there are  2 dentists and nurse

A monthly  rate of patients are 120 patients.

Leishmania  clinic : there are a pharmacist and volunteers of KRC on each Saturday and Wednesday . the total of patients are 15 patients  per week

Pharmacy: pharmacist and 2 nurses a monthly rate of receipts are 350 receipt centralization

Injection programme: this programme present all injections of children under 5 years old, addition to injection of Tetanus for women a  weekly rate of children have injected are 80 children  and 30 women every Wednesday  per week.

The center going on to open nursing courses to all people , till now the center  have finished 3 courses

Support for displaced people in northern Raqqa

To response to Raqqa offensive, our team in Kobane and GireSIpe distributed Hygiene Kits for more than 1500 families those were displaced from Raqqa City.

The distribution areas were the camps and the villages northern Raqqa those hosted the IDPs , this operation were in coordination with UPP NGO and will be followed up until the end of March,

Our teams in Kobane and GireSipi are covering the health sector of the displaced people as well, through(Primary health care) mobile clinics in the north countryside of Raqqa and the camp,as well as (Secondary health care) through our fixed clinics and Hospitals in Kobane city