Wissam lives his childhood among his peers again

The suffering of the child Wissam and his family began when the little boy lost his right leg due to playing with the remnants of war in his village in the countryside of  Al-Hol town in 2015, so he could not play and practice his life normally, until he visited with his father the   Kurdish Red Crescent Center for Prosthetics, Physical Therapy and Psychological Support   in Qamishlo city where his life shone again and become able to interact with his surrounding better, knowing that the center is in constant contact with the family to ensure that it adapts to the prosthesis and making adjustments every once in a while  with his grows .



One year after the devastating earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria

Earthquake – one year later_KRC article (1)

Earthquake – one year later_KRC article (1)

the International Day of Persons with Disabilities


On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and under the slogan “Do not judge me by my disability, give me the opportunity to show my abilities”, the Kurdish Red Crescent organization, in collaboration with the Nodom organization, organized an event for children. The event included theatrical activities, singing for children, as well as face painting and distribution of gifts, with the aim of integrating children with disabilities with children without disabilities.

“Yes for Life” campaign ends its activities

In order to achieve a positive impact in society by educating young people, promoting awareness of the dangers of drugs, encouraging healthy life and avoiding substance abuse, and promoting positive values and community cooperation to combat this problem, the Kurdish Red Crescent implements the anti-drug initiative titled “Yes for Life” in partnership with the Lamasat Al Khair Association for Relief and Development in the city of Raqqa, where the initiative targets five neighborhoods in the city of Raqqa “Al-Bedu, Diriyah, Al-Mukhtalatah, Al-Furat, Rumaila” through concentrated sessions targeting the youth, with an average of twenty young men and women from each neighborhood.

In the hope that joy will return to little Farah’s heart.

Usually, targeting densely populated areas leads to numerous casualties and serious injuries among civilians. After the indiscriminate shelling of vital facilities and civilian areas in northern and eastern Syria by the Turkish state on May 4, 2023, which lasted for several days, it left many dead and wounded, including 14-year-old Farah. She was displaced from her village of Al-Ghabish in the countryside of Tel Tamr with her parents during the occupation of the city of Serekaniye due to indiscriminate shelling in that area.
The bombing continued to haunt her as she helped her mother pick cotton in the village of Al-Bashiriyah in the countryside of Al-Dirbasiyah, where she lost her legs due to a shell that fell on them on May 5, 2023.
Farah was treated by the emergency and ambulance team of the Kurdish Red Crescent in Al-Dirbasiyah and was transferred to a hospital in Hasakah. A medical team consisting of an orthopedic surgeon, a physiotherapist, and a psychological support team from the Kurdish Red Crescent was assigned to take care of her treatment, support, and rehabilitation until she receives lower limb prosthetics in the hope that joy will return to little Farah’s heart.

“Early checkup. Step by thousand”

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. It is not just a disease, but a threat to women’s lives and health. Therefore, understanding the disease and raising awareness of its symptoms and ways to prevent it is essential for every woman and for society in general. Breast cancer is characterized by growing in the glandular cells of the breast and may spread to other parts of the body rapidly if early diagnosis and prompt treatment are not provided.
From this standpoint, and to pay more attention to women’s health, the Women’s Committee of the Kurdish Red Crescent always conducts extensive awareness campaigns about the disease during the pink month of October, for awareness and early detection of breast cancer, so that the title of this year it is “Early checkup… Step by thousand” where the campaign includes awareness sessions for women, the distribution of brochures and the suspension of awareness Felix for the Mammogram Center of the Kurdish Red Crescent.

Report about KRC’s Response during and after the Earthquake

KRC_Final report_Earthquake NES_NWS_FINAL (1)

Our mobile clinics reach everyone and provide medical services in Al-Shahba..

Our teams in the mobile medical clinics provide their diagnostic medical services (internal, gynecological) in addition to distributing medicines. Through a continuous campaign, they reach all the people in the Al-Shahba region and its villages.