One year after the devastating earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria

Earthquake – one year later_KRC article (1)

Earthquake – one year later_KRC article (1)

The Kurdish Red Crescent has alleviated the burden of baby supplies in the Shahba camps.

 In light of the high prices of goods and necessities, especially for children, which adds additional burdens to the displaced, our teams distributed diapers to children from newborns up to one year old in the Shahba areas camps (Berkadan camp – Sardam camp – Afrin camp – Al-Awda camp – Keshetar camp). The total number of beneficiaries from the distribution was 300 children.

Report about KRC’s Response during and after the Earthquake

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The drinking water distribution project in Al-Shahba’ has been launched

The drinking water distribution project for camps, and villages in Al-Shahba’ area as a part of a series of projects done by the Kurdish Red Crescent, with the support of the Swiss orgenization Medico International, and in cooperation with the local administration in Al-Shahba’ areas.

The Kurdish Red Crescnet is launching new projects to provide water in Al-Shahba’ area.

Due to the scorching tempretures, and the water shortage in Al-Shaba’ area, KRC have started a series of projects to dig and prepare wells that will provide water for more than 3800 refugees in Serdem camp.

And similer projects will be launched in Berxwedan camp and Al-Ahdath district