Help Without Borders a slogan with wide horizons

To meet the region’s needs of bread and to relieve the burden that the ovens hold , KRC coordinating with the Economy Authority in NES delivered 300 tons of wheat to Mills Management of, in the cities of Derik- Qamishlo, Hasakeh, Raqqa and Deir el-Zor.


Children’s health is our responsibility

Because we are so careful about the health of displaced children in all camps, Our health education team implemented an awareness campaign for school children this time in Nawroz camp Derik city. The campaign was about lice infection and methods of prevention and treatment, in addition to providing them with medical supplies


To facing all the difficulties of living in camps, we continue supporting

The inability to return home forced IDPs to live poor conditions, like the tough weather during summer or winter. That leads  to direct health awareness and relief services to them. However, our health education teams are  distributing mosquito nets in Washokani camp, in order to  protect the people  from mosquitos especially in Summer,  as well as raising awareness about this issue. That was  in cooperation with  Rojava and Acted NGOs