Call for Solidarity with Efrîn


Preface This document includes declaration of several NGO’s and humanitarian organizations.
– NGOs and Humanitarian Actors signed on the statement.
– Efrîn
– Detailed file on the committed massacres done by the Turkish airstrikes and its allies on Efrîn.
– Suspirations of using chemical weapons in Efrîn.
– Civilian suffers in photos
– Documented Victims in the period 20.1.2018 until 23.2.2018
– Detailed document on children victims of Turkish attacks on Efrîn.
– Detailed document about women women victims o Turkish attacks on Efrîn.
– Report about Basuteh massacre.
– Attachment (signs and stamps of the NGOs)
– Map of the Efrîn

We the undersigning NGOs and humanitarian organizations, on the basis of the following statements and documentation reported by the Kurdish Red Crescent and other Humanitarian actors, deplore the aggression moved by Turkey against Efrîn region in north Syria, from where we get reports showing that the violations of human rights have reached to tragic levels. There are evidents that the Turkish state is braking international law and opposing the international conventions and resolutions during the ongoing massacres against the indigenous peoples of the region and also against the persons displaced in the same area. The Turkish state and some Free Syrian Army groups started this military attack on the 20th of January 2018 with an intensive shelling by Turkish warplanes, targeting both military sites and civil buildings in Efrîn such as houses, schools and hospitals.
The Kurdish Red Crescent documented the death of 227 civilians, among
those 32 child and 28 women, and 651 civilian are injured, among those
87 children and 93 women, due to Turkish attacks until 26’th of February. Moreover, others major attacks by tanks and other heavy weapons from the Turkey’s soil at the border with Syria, are targeting the Northern, Eastern and Western areas of Efrîn region, causing massive displacement within the region and many civillian casualties. According to UN, in the first 2 weeks of Turkish attack, more than 16.000 have been displaced due to the bombardments, and the number was increased until the end of February. All Efrîn area is facing a very serious humanitarian crisis because of these attacks, with the direct consequence of a lot of innocent people being massacred or were being badly injured and many others were displaced or lost their houses. There are grave concerns for the civilians who are in the remote areas and who lack access to healthcare, shelter and food. We also observed a rising number of psychilogical disorders- like post-traumatic stress disorder, especially among children – that are deeply affected by the ongoing attack. The Kurdish Red Crescent and other humanitarian actors reported that there are still died bodies (civilians and military) those have not been evacuated, because the targeting from the Turkish side and FSA, and the last targeting on the humanitarian actor was on the IRCC and SARC convoy on 1st of March. Although the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday 24th of February in favor of a 30-day cease-fire in Syria under 2401, this has not been applied neither in Gouta nor in Efrîn.

Between 24th of February and 1st of March, according to the Kurdish Red Crescent there were 118 casiulties in Efrîn 36 died and 82 injured, including Civilians and military cases.
Since we are working closely in North Syria and we see how the
humanitarian crisis is developing, we call for immediate cessation of the
Turkish aggression with the Free Syrian Groups battalions accompanying
them on the area of Efrîn.

Names of the NGOs and Humanitarian organizations
Countries Name E – Mail
Italy-Syria       Associazione Sarda Contro
[email protected]
Syria-KRI       Heyva Sor a Kurd (Kurdish Red
[email protected]
Syria-Italy         Gruppo Umana Solidarietà [email protected]
Germany-Syria       Medicine For Rojava [email protected]
Italy         Staffetta Sanitaria [email protected]
Syria         Human Right organization in Jazira [email protected]
Syria        Shar for Development [email protected]
Psychiaters zonder grenzen [email protected]
Syria          Peace She leaders Network [email protected]
Syria        Dost Charity [email protected]
Syria        RÊ for Rehabitiation and Devlopment [email protected]
Syria             Ground organization [email protected]
Syria-France        Kurd Bê Sînor MehranPı[email protected]
Germany-Syria     Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê [email protected]
Syria        Weqfa Jina Azad [email protected]
Syria        Rojava Organization for Humanitarin
and Devlopement
[email protected]
Syria       Sara organization against women
Syria       Beledna NGO B.C.S.
Syria      Yezidi Cultural and society assembly
Syria       Sulav organizaton for Civil activities
Syria       Kurdish Tripe association in Jazira

Syria         Smart center for Development
Human and Mental Health
[email protected]
Syria        Mitan [email protected]
Syria        Youth Activity Organization [email protected]
IRAQ        Civil Devolopment Organization
Syria        Genmard Charity [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Iraq-Kurdistan     International Federazione Iraq
Refugees – Kurdistan
[email protected]
HeciEfrî[email protected]
Nadia Murad Basee – UNODC
Goodwill Ambassador
[email protected]
Germany   ZÊD – Zentralrat der Êzîden in
[email protected]

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