pink month

In the Pink Month, breast cancer awareness continues in camps and centers
The month of October is called the pink month, and it is a month in which health campaigns strive to provide the necessary support to raise awareness of the danger of breast cancer and educate about its prevention.
Within this effort, health education teams provide awareness campaigns and brochures about breast cancer targeting women in camps in northern and eastern Syria, where they are introduced to this disease and how to detect it early, in addition to prevention measures, through visits inside the tent, as well as during Their reviews of the Kurdish Red Crescent centers located in each camp.

Opening of a medical point in Aleppo

Due to the lack of healthcare centers in #Aleppo in the #Sheikh_Maqsoud and #Ashrafiyah areas, along with the significant increase in drug prices, which affected the resident’s ability to obtain necessary medications, our medical teams witnessed the medical and emergency capabilitie’s weakness in the neighborhood during the #earthquake that hit Turkey and neighboring countries.
Therefore, we opened a medical center in Aleppo consisting of a pediatric clinic, a gynecology clinic, and a pharmacy that distributes medications to beneficiaries according to the doctor’s prescription. In addition, the emergency room is staffed around the clock to receive emergency cases. The center receives 25 beneficiaries per day for each clinic from the residents of the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiyah areas and the surrounding areas.

In the hope that joy will return to little Farah’s heart.

Usually, targeting densely populated areas leads to numerous casualties and serious injuries among civilians. After the indiscriminate shelling of vital facilities and civilian areas in northern and eastern Syria by the Turkish state on May 4, 2023, which lasted for several days, it left many dead and wounded, including 14-year-old Farah. She was displaced from her village of Al-Ghabish in the countryside of Tel Tamr with her parents during the occupation of the city of Serekaniye due to indiscriminate shelling in that area.
The bombing continued to haunt her as she helped her mother pick cotton in the village of Al-Bashiriyah in the countryside of Al-Dirbasiyah, where she lost her legs due to a shell that fell on them on May 5, 2023.
Farah was treated by the emergency and ambulance team of the Kurdish Red Crescent in Al-Dirbasiyah and was transferred to a hospital in Hasakah. A medical team consisting of an orthopedic surgeon, a physiotherapist, and a psychological support team from the Kurdish Red Crescent was assigned to take care of her treatment, support, and rehabilitation until she receives lower limb prosthetics in the hope that joy will return to little Farah’s heart.

“Early checkup. Step by thousand”

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. It is not just a disease, but a threat to women’s lives and health. Therefore, understanding the disease and raising awareness of its symptoms and ways to prevent it is essential for every woman and for society in general. Breast cancer is characterized by growing in the glandular cells of the breast and may spread to other parts of the body rapidly if early diagnosis and prompt treatment are not provided.
From this standpoint, and to pay more attention to women’s health, the Women’s Committee of the Kurdish Red Crescent always conducts extensive awareness campaigns about the disease during the pink month of October, for awareness and early detection of breast cancer, so that the title of this year it is “Early checkup… Step by thousand” where the campaign includes awareness sessions for women, the distribution of brochures and the suspension of awareness Felix for the Mammogram Center of the Kurdish Red Crescent.

Report of the Kurdish Red Crescent – Turkish attacks and damage in NES starting on October 4, 2023


Awareness campaign about the negatives of cesarean section

The number of cesarean section births is increasing in general in the northeastern regions of Syria, which negatively affects women’s health in the long term. With the aim of raising the level of health education among them in the Shahba and Jazeera regions, health education teams affiliated with the Kurdish Red Crescent, in coordination with the Women’s Committee, have conducted a series of awareness lectures on the benefits of natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and the negatives of cesarean section and artificial feeding. This also included the distribution of thousands of awareness brochures within camps and villages, as well as medical points affiliated with the Kurdish Red Crescent and villages.