the Kurdish Red crescent – Sheikh Meqsoud center

In the Syrian crisis that have destroyed all human and natural sources and no exist for daily life services with insurance difficulty in all areas , Sheikh Meqsoud was one of these area that suffer a lot from this obstacle that’s why made Heyva Sor A Kurd to open a medical point in this area On 6th of January in  Yaseen Yassen school under name the clinic of Heyva Sor A Kurd ( the Kurdish red crescent ) after that have changed name to the clinic of M.Khaled  Feger who has martyred in it , he was pediatrician.

– the working has started with 7 volunteers and simple first aid till became a civil hospital,

content of : (35 medical team(4 doctors,18nurses,2managerial,2 assistants,5servants, and 4 drivers) addition to : (2 emergency section, laboratory, pharmacy, gynecology clinic , internal clinic )

– the center received monthly :

3640 patients who come back to check again with medical receipt

(225 dental check, 800 gynecology check, 102 emergency cases, 99 patient who follow up the laboratory , 40 resident patient addition to death cases )

The total of patients number -who have checked in 2016- are:36150 patients