Health education campaigns in the camps:

The Kurdish Red Crescent’s Health Education Teams conduct health awareness sessions in the camps and at all our medical points. We provide information to camp residents about how to avoid common diseases and what measures can be taken should an illness develop.

Second anniversary of the Qamishlo bombing

We recently attended the two-year commemoration of the 2016 Qamishlo bomb attack.
Hundreds of people gathered at the site of the bombing to honour loved ones killed in the 27/07/16 attack by Daesh terrorists. As you can see in the photos, portraits of the martyrs adorned the surrounding buildings as people laid flowers and lit candles in memory of their lost family and friends.
The attack killed over 50 people and left almost 200 injured, with many dozens more trapped under rubble. The terrorists used a truck rigged with a bomb to set off a massive explosion in this busy area of the city. Within minutes of the first explosion, another attacker, riding a motorcycle, detonated a second bomb. The intent was clearly to kill and wound those coming to the aid of people caught by the first bomb.
The Kurdish Red Crescent was among many organisations who came to the aid of people who were injured and trapped by the explosions. We were grateful to be able to attend the commemoration to stand in solidarity with everyone and pay our respects.

silent death

(Silent Death)
short documentary film that tells a drop from the sea about the cases Afrin displaced people face in Shehba and Shirawa regions.
Those displaced people ran away from the terror of Turkish warplanes that targeted a lot of civilians.
The Film talks about some death cases from kids due to lack of medical tools , necessary medicines and food disorder
The Film is produced by documentation team in Kurdish Red Crescent in Shehba regions.