The Kurdish Red Crescent among all medical points in the northern Syria (within cities, towns and camps of displaced people) works to provide several medical services for primary and secondary health care, ambulance and emergency services in addition to several programs, like (protection and psychological support – shelter – relief – water and sanitation personal hygiene – health education), managed by the basic offices within the headquarters.



The folowing parahgraph shows assiggnments and mechanism of KRC offices.  


HR Office 

It participates in all hiring processes,it writes up the contract of employemen and their responsibilities, it also follows staff time sheets every month. This office collects employees personal data.


Financial Office

 It consists of the public financial office that follows up all financial issues, sets up the annual budget and   checks all receipts that issued and received by KRC.

  • A general accountant oversees all salaries and amounts of money issued and received from projects and public administration.
  • Project accountants, four accountants follow the paperwork, project receipt and salaries of the project staff.

MEAL Office   

The work is done in four sections in four stages.


  • Monitoring: gets the data from the receptionists at the medical points, then hands it over to the office through monthly reports to make (revision-correction-audit) for this data to be in the best form.
  • Evaluation: monthly statistics reports are prepared for the data of each facility, they are arranged on monthly basis over a full year that enables the team to analyse and evaluate the data over a full year or a half or a quarter.
  • Accountability: abnormal changes and deficiencies are questioned after conducting evaluations and analysing of the data, and then facility team responds to that.

     Besides a special office for complaints (CRM). The work is done by collecting complaints through channels and boxes of points and then following them up and to submit them to people in charge in the management, then receiving responses from them.

  • Learning: weak points are discovered after analysing and evaluating, then they manage them and be careful to not repeat them by conducting training to educate the stuff who need that.


Logistics Office

Performs all the logistical tasks related  to keeping the business running smoothly and efficiently. The duties include all supply chain management, warehouse management, transport and purchases, shipping and delivering document.


Medical Coordination Office

Medical coordinators supervise the implementation of all programs, organize work according to projects and specialties (primary health care , control and regulation of distributing medicines – laboratory management – follow-up mobile clinics – management and disposal of medical wastes) for raising the quality of the services and providing health care to the beneficiaries.



Protection Office  

 The Office operates according to the protection programs and policy, with the aim of keeping the rights of all individuals in accordance to – international law, international humanitarian code, human rights and refugee law- regardless of age, gender, social, religious or national race. that is conducted through working in all locations with rapid response via hotline, complaint boxes or field protection workers.



Project Management Office

Project managers plan the activities and resources, they organize and encourage the team, besides managing the time and the budget.

This office ensures that the beneficiaries are satisfied with the provided services, in addition to analyzing and managing the risks and the problems. It also monitors the project constantly.