Report of the Kurdish Red Crescent – Turkish attacks and damage in NES starting on October 4, 2023


The Kurdish Red Crescent provided immediate and urgent first aid to two children from the village of Al-Salmasa in the countryside of Tel Tamr.

as a result of their exposure to the explosion of war remnants. Most of the injuries were in the abdomen and legs. After providing all necessary and urgent medical care, they were transferred to hospitals in Al-Hasakah city for treatment.
The Kurdish Red Crescent continues to work on assisting the victims and providing medical referral services, as well as psychological and social support when needed.
The Kurdish Red Crescent also urges for the acceleration and intensification of all efforts to remove mines and unexploded ordnance, and to enhance support for the rights of children in a safe and protected environment due to the recurrence of these unfortunate incidents caused by armed groups leaving behind ammunition and weapons that can pose a threat to civilians, especially children, at any moment.

Report about KRC’s Response during and after the Earthquake

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Our mobile clinics reach everyone and provide medical services in Al-Shahba..

Our teams in the mobile medical clinics provide their diagnostic medical services (internal, gynecological) in addition to distributing medicines. Through a continuous campaign, they reach all the people in the Al-Shahba region and its villages.

Tala’e/Sery Kaniye camp

Because of the consecutive rain during the past two days in Tala’e/Sery Kaniye camp, many tents were destroyed, knowing that those tents were housing families most of them were women and children. KRC teams hastened to provide all their needs, starting from transfer them by ambulances to the emergency tents, supporting them with the medical and PSS services. It is good to mention that those people are from the occupied city of Sere Ganee, it is occupied since 2019

The co-chair of Kurdish Red Crescent received a French delegation, headed by the French ambassador to Syria,

During the visit, they learned about the work of the organization, where they expressed their admiration and appreciation for the quality of the health services provided, in addition to providing three ambulances equipped with medical tools as additional assistance along with some of their health projects with us during past period.

Emergency and Ambulance Center in Raqqa

As another step added to the range of health services we provide through several centers in Raqqa city, an emergency and ambulance center was opened on April 1, 2022 to confirm our continued commitment to expanding our capacity and upgrading our services.  

The center includes 4 ambulances, 12 paramedics and 12 ambulance drivers to respond to emergencies expected cases within the city and its countryside in coordination with the Central Operations disk, which coordinates the work of all emergency centers of KRC in NES.

To facing all the difficulties of living in camps, we continue supporting

The inability to return home forced IDPs to live poor conditions, like the tough weather during summer or winter. That leads  to direct health awareness and relief services to them. However, our health education teams are  distributing mosquito nets in Washokani camp, in order to  protect the people  from mosquitos especially in Summer,  as well as raising awareness about this issue. That was  in cooperation with  Rojava and Acted NGOs




The shelling continues on the displaced in Al-Shahaba

The Turkish Army, backed by Islamic factions, continues to bomb the areas of Shahba, to which the people of Afrin have fled, and today three people have been killed by this attack (two children from the town of Tal Rifaat, ages 8 and 12 years , and a displaced woman from Afrin)
More than six people, all civilians from the same families, were wounded, including children and women.
The Turkish attacks on a camp area inhabited by IDPs and civilians are a blatant violation of any humanity or ethic law.