Last update of our report about Turkish military and Islamic groups invasion in Northeast Syria

9th october to 14th of november doc

10491 beneficial of diabetics during the last ten months

اشارت إحصائيات الصحة العالمية بمناسبة اليوم العالمي لمرضى السكري الى ان نصف المرضى والذي يقدر عددهم بحوالي 422 مليون مريض غير قادرين على الوصول الى الأنسولين بسبب ارتفاع أسعارها .
لذا وبهدف مساعدة أكبر عدد ممكن من المرضى يعمل الهلال الأحمر الكردي بتوفير “الأنسولين ” في جميع مراكز الخدمة الطبية، فقد بلغ العدد الإجمالي للمستفيدين من مادة الأنسولين خلال الأشهر العشرة الماضية 10491 مستفيد في جميع مراكز الهلال الأحمر الكردي في شمال وشرق سوريا.
The global health statistics in the international day of Diabetics in the world showed that the half number of the patients that is 422mıllıon person are not able to get Insulin as of the high cost of the cure.
The Kurdish Red Crescent was able to offer the Insulin ın all the medıcal centers and poınts. Where the total number of beneficiaries who benefited from Insulin have reached 10491 person in all the medical points of the KRC during the last ten months.

KRC’s medical teams

Thirty six days of continuous shelling on north and east of Syria, resulted in wounding and killing hundreds of civilians, displacing thousands of people addition to the terrifying conditions that the population of the other villages and towns have been suffering.
All these conditions have been experienced by our medical teams, but they didn’t retreated in saving people’s lives, despite the big danger they were facing, as they have been targeted several times by Turkish airstrikes and bombardments, and one martyred and many wounded.

Construction a new camp “Washokani” for the displaced people of Sere Kaniye

After the big displacement of “Sere Kaniye” residents to Al-HAssaka city and stay in more than 70 schools , The Democratic Self-Administration started building a new camp in the village of “Tweyna” on “Til Tamir” road, which it called “Washokani”.
The camp is designed to accommodate more than 30,000 families, currently living only 30 families, this is due to the incomplete construction and rehabilitation work.
We in the Kurdish Red Crescent appeal to all humanitarian and refugee organizations to contribute in the construction works and provide the necessary assistance to rehabilitation it as soon as possible with a coming cold winter.