the services of “Al-Jarniyeh” Primary Health Care Center


Kurdish Red Crescent Center/KRC/, provides primary health care services in an excellent manner to the locals of Al-Jarniyeh district and 69 neighboring villages, as the number of residents who benefit from these services is about 43 thousand people, and about 200 patients are received daily in the various medical departments , internal , gynecology, pediatrician , ambulance and natural obstetrics clinics.
In addition to providing health education sessions inside and outside the center and start with psychological support sessions , there is also a laboratory for conducting tests and a pharmacy. To ensure rapid and immediate emergency transport, a round-the-clock ambulance transports patients to Tabqa hospitals, 68 km from the centre, or Raqqa, 100 km away.
Providing services by KRC in this area is a crucial factor in improving the quality of health care provided, and promoting the public health besides educating the people of the region about the importance of prevention and basic health care.

Statement regarding the targeting of our medical teams

Today, May 31, 2024, several areas in northern and eastern Syria were targeted by Turkish state aircraft. In response, Kurdish Red Crescent ambulance teams intervened to transport and treat the injured and victims of these attacks.
While a medical team was performing their duty and attempting to reach the injured, they were targeted by Turkish aircraft in Amuda area near the village of Hatimiyah, resulting in the ambulance being completely out of service.
This is not the first time that the Turkish state has targeted ambulances operating in the humanitarian field, which bear clear Symbols of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.
As a humanitarian organization primarily operating in northern Syria, we cannot fulfill our humanitarian duty without adequate protection for our teams. Therefore, we call on partner and international organizations to stand against these strikes by the Turkish state, which openly target workers in the humanitarian and service sectors in northern Syria.

The Kurdish Red Crescent provides its services to the most remote areas

Because providing available health and medical services and care is a priority, even in the most remote areas, the Kurdish Red Crescent Center’s clinics (internal – women’s – children’s – ambulance) in Abu Khashab camp in the northwestern countryside of Deir ez-Zor provide their services in addition to providing medicines from the pharmacy and providing health awareness from Before the health education team, ambulances remain on standby for any emergency.

One year after the devastating earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria

Earthquake – one year later_KRC article (1)

Earthquake – one year later_KRC article (1)

the International Day of Persons with Disabilities


On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and under the slogan “Do not judge me by my disability, give me the opportunity to show my abilities”, the Kurdish Red Crescent organization, in collaboration with the Nodom organization, organized an event for children. The event included theatrical activities, singing for children, as well as face painting and distribution of gifts, with the aim of integrating children with disabilities with children without disabilities.

“Yes for Life” campaign ends its activities

In order to achieve a positive impact in society by educating young people, promoting awareness of the dangers of drugs, encouraging healthy life and avoiding substance abuse, and promoting positive values and community cooperation to combat this problem, the Kurdish Red Crescent implements the anti-drug initiative titled “Yes for Life” in partnership with the Lamasat Al Khair Association for Relief and Development in the city of Raqqa, where the initiative targets five neighborhoods in the city of Raqqa “Al-Bedu, Diriyah, Al-Mukhtalatah, Al-Furat, Rumaila” through concentrated sessions targeting the youth, with an average of twenty young men and women from each neighborhood.

Report about KRC’s Response during and after the Earthquake

KRC_Final report_Earthquake NES_NWS_FINAL (1)


Our team is in the protection office continues its series of sessions and lectures on women’s issues and their rights, with camp women, through which it discusses issues (early and forced marriage, and child labor, sexual assault), where these sessions are dominated by mutual discussions that enhance women’s awareness in Camps about their rights and limiting their violence and exploitation, At the end of each session, brochures are distributed to the women present summarizing the topic of the session.

Our mobile clinics reach everyone and provide medical services in Al-Shahba..

Our teams in the mobile medical clinics provide their diagnostic medical services (internal, gynecological) in addition to distributing medicines. Through a continuous campaign, they reach all the people in the Al-Shahba region and its villages.

The assistance provided by the people of Sulaymaniyah continues to reach its beneficiaries

The assistance provided by the people of Sulaymaniyah continues to reach its beneficiaries
The refugees and those affected by the earthquake in al-Shahba areas in Aleppo are still benefiting from the relief assistance provided by the people of the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan region through their campaign “Hawkha Matanin”, where our teams distributed sponges, blankets, and mats in addition to household items, wheelchairs for people with special needs, and a packages of baby milk.