The Kurdish Red Crescent holds its third conference, and elects its new co-directors

The Kurdish Red Crescent organization had held its third conference on Friday in the city of Qamishlo, under the title of “with hope and cooperation, we build a bright future”, and it was attended by its members, staff, its partners in the humanitarian field, and also a number of administrators from The Self Administration which are represented by the Health Committee, and The Movement of the Democratic Community (Tev-dem)and kongrastar
The activities of the third conference of the Kurdish Red Crescent started with the moment of silence for the martyrs, and the victims of war and disasters.
A documentary was shown about the work of KRC in North-East Syria on the span of 2 years (2022-2023), which were full of difficult challenges, and some of these challenges and difficulties were caused by the Turkish state’s attacks, and what they caused of casualties, and destruction of infrastructure, and also the disastrous earth quake that hit on January of this year.
After the documentary was shown, the reports of the departments and health centres of KRC were read, then the space was open for recommendations of the members to be heard, in order to improve the health, and aid situation in accordance to the circumstances of the North-East Syria regions, and also to be discussed by the attending members.
Then the internal system of KRC was read which had the needed changes and editing according to the situation and its challenges.
And after the reading and discussion about the new internal system, both Mr. Dilgesh Issa and Mrs. Khadija Musa Were elected as the new co-directors of the Kurdish Red Crescent and they will lead its activities and efforts for the next 2years.

Opening of a medical point in Aleppo

Due to the lack of healthcare centers in #Aleppo in the #Sheikh_Maqsoud and #Ashrafiyah areas, along with the significant increase in drug prices, which affected the resident’s ability to obtain necessary medications, our medical teams witnessed the medical and emergency capabilitie’s weakness in the neighborhood during the #earthquake that hit Turkey and neighboring countries.
Therefore, we opened a medical center in Aleppo consisting of a pediatric clinic, a gynecology clinic, and a pharmacy that distributes medications to beneficiaries according to the doctor’s prescription. In addition, the emergency room is staffed around the clock to receive emergency cases. The center receives 25 beneficiaries per day for each clinic from the residents of the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiyah areas and the surrounding areas.

Report of the Kurdish Red Crescent – Turkish attacks and damage in NES starting on October 4, 2023


Report about KRC’s Response during and after the Earthquake

KRC_Final report_Earthquake NES_NWS_FINAL (1)

The people of the villages (Kalouta – Burj Qas – Al-Zouk Al-Kabeer) in the Sherawa area of Afrin suffer from the continuation of being targeted by shells

As a result of the shelling of Shirawa villages (Kalutah – Burj Al-Kas – Al-Thuq Al-Kabeer) that was commited by the Turkey and the millitias under it’s control, a woman and a child from Kalutah village were injured.
The wounded were immediatly rushed to KRC’s heath point, where they were given first aid, and the wounded were reffered to Afreen hospital due to the child’s critical condition.

Donate for earthquake victims


Statement to the world public opinion

The earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023, resulted in a great humanitarian catastrophe and great damages that the people of the region suffer until this moment
Accordingly, the global and regional humanitarian community made a great effort to provide financial and moral assistance to the people affected by this earthquake, and because they find the Kurdish Red Crescent trustworthy, they wanted this aid to reach the stricken areas through it
Unfortunately, without knowing the reasons, we face great obstacles, the latest of which was yesterday (21-2-2023), when our humanitarian aid convoy was denied entry by the Faysh Khabour” crossing and its affiliated authorities”
That is why we must inform the whole world about these obstacles as soon as possible. In the Kurdish Red Crescent, such decisions are unacceptable to us, and we see them as meaningless. It is our fundamental right as a Kurdish Red Crescent to deliver the aid sent by the communities that trust us to the required place.
Therefore, we urgently hope that those parties that put these obstacles will reverse these decisions and open all humanitarian ways and doors for assistance
Kurdish Red Crescent

For the attention of all competent bodies and humanitarian agencies

On the morning of 6 February 2023, consecutive earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 struck both Turkey and Syria, with majority-Kurdish regions particularly affected. A major humanitarian catastrophe has resulted, with over 25,000 deaths to date and millions displaced.

Many political and civil institutions, organisations and individual actors, from both within and without the affected regions, have taken urgent action to reach the disaster zone. However, despite the arrival of some aid to some locations, many hundreds of thousands of people in Syria alone are still homeless, or trapped under the rubble waiting to be rescued. Many districts are still without food, electricity, shelter or other fundamental necessities to ensure their survival.

Unfortunately, many parties to the Syrian conflict have put political calculations before their humanitarian and moral imperatives. In many places, these actors have become an obstacle to the delivery of humanitarian aid.

As the Kurdish Red Crescent, since the beginning of the disaster, we have declared our readiness to reach and help the afflicted regardless of location, and respond to their needs to the utmost of our abilities. Many obstacles prevented us from reaching the regions of Afrin and Jinderes. The same is true now as regards out attempted delivery of aid to Aleppo, Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Shahba, where the Syrian regime is placing significant obstacles before us.

Following ten years of war, 90% of buildings in Aleppo are unsafe and no longer suitable for people to live in. Following the earthquake, the danger has reached such a level that no-one is able to live in these houses any longer. Tens of thousands of people are currently living outside in freezing temperatures without shelter, food, water, and heating. If they are not reached as soon as possible, a humanitarian catastrophe worse than the earthquake itself will inevitably ensue.

As such, the Kurdish Red Crescent is issuing an urgent appeal to all humanitarian agencies on the basis of our shared democratic and humanitarian values. We ask them to urgently intervene and open secure, internationally-guaranteed humanitarian corridors into the affected regions to enable us to deliver all necessary assistance to these populations in such desperate need.


Kurdish Red Crescent