In the hope that joy will return to little Farah’s heart.

Usually, targeting densely populated areas leads to numerous casualties and serious injuries among civilians. After the indiscriminate shelling of vital facilities and civilian areas in northern and eastern Syria by the Turkish state on May 4, 2023, which lasted for several days, it left many dead and wounded, including 14-year-old Farah. She was displaced from her village of Al-Ghabish in the countryside of Tel Tamr with her parents during the occupation of the city of Serekaniye due to indiscriminate shelling in that area.
The bombing continued to haunt her as she helped her mother pick cotton in the village of Al-Bashiriyah in the countryside of Al-Dirbasiyah, where she lost her legs due to a shell that fell on them on May 5, 2023.
Farah was treated by the emergency and ambulance team of the Kurdish Red Crescent in Al-Dirbasiyah and was transferred to a hospital in Hasakah. A medical team consisting of an orthopedic surgeon, a physiotherapist, and a psychological support team from the Kurdish Red Crescent was assigned to take care of her treatment, support, and rehabilitation until she receives lower limb prosthetics in the hope that joy will return to little Farah’s heart.

With the provision of proper healthcare, it is not impossible to overcome diabetes.

We, at the Kurdish Red Crescent, consider healthcare and providing medical services as our main goal. Ibrahim Khudair Al-Hamoud, a fifty-year-old displaced person from the city of Serekaniye/Ras al-Ain, lives in the Serekaniye “Al-Talaeen” camp in eastern Al-Hasakah. He suffers from diabetes, which has affected his right foot. He receives care from the Kurdish Red Crescent point, where the medical team visits him regularly to receive care in the emergency department, including cleaning and sterilizing the affected foot, providing diabetes medication anti-biotics from the point’s pharmacy, after examinations and dietary instructions from the internal clinic, Mr. Ibrahim resumes walking on his feet, heading towards his tent, as if he is saying to the disease, “I will overcome you” .

In Sulaymaniya city the word charity day festival

The Kurdish Red Crescent branch in the Kurdistan Bashour participated in the World Charity Day festival, which was held yesterday (5/9/2023) in the city of Sulaymaniyah. The festival was attended by 45 organizations, religious institutions, and a group for showcasing charitable humanitarian projects and works. The Kurdish Red Crescent also showcased the projects and works it has implemented in previous years to support refugees, internally displaced persons, and the local community in the Kurdistan region.

Baran, the 10 year old child from Kobani, goes back to the playground with a smile, after the prosthetic limbs center restored the limbs he lost in the explosion that was caused by ISIS remnants of war.

Baran goes back to the playground with a smile on his face.
Remnants of war usually cause death among civilians, with the majority of the victems being children that are unaware of their danger, and one of these victems was the 10 years old Baran Mazen Qary, he fled along with his family from Kobani to their village “Yaraman” on Feb 18th 2023, escaping the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the area.
But Baran didn’t know that something terrible was going to happen while he was playing with his friends when they’ve found a cluster bomb that was left by ISIS, the bomb exploded resulting in Barans leg, and left arm being amputated, along with many wounds that almost took his life.
On Barans path of recovery, he is attending KRC’s prosthetic limbs center which is located in Qamishlo, where he was given physical therapy and psychological counseling for days.
So that Baran can recover what he lost because of that explosion,and to go back to playing with his friends again, and continue to live his childhood that he almost lost forever.

Prosthetics Centre

The earthquake that struck the area in February caused significant human and material losses, as well as permanent injuries to the people. Amputation is one of the most common injuries because victims were trapped under the rubble for long hours (crush syndrome). One of these victims was Mr. Abdulrazzaq Hassan, who narrates his story of survival from the earthquake and the treatment process at the Center for prosthetics of Kurdish Red Crescent /KRC/, the treatment includes physical therapy, and psychological support.

Their laugh makes us keep going

Name: Fadhila Khader Al Ali
Age: 7 years
Housing: Washukani Camp
Injury: Physical disability
Date and cause of disability: conducting an operation for a mass in the spine that led to loss the ability of using the lower limbs
Fadhila’s physical disability and not integrating with her peers increased the displacement suffering. However, Community Protection team in Washukani camp tracked the case and the response was by providing a wheelchair for the child.
Community Protection Program seeks empowering people with disability and including them with their peers to secure good psychosocial and social life.
Fadhila is just one example among thousands of children in NES who have been displaced and have to live in poor conditions with lack of health care and safety

Care of the mother and her child is a key priority in our services

Getting access to essential and proper nutrition for children is one of the biggest health challenges in NES, as malnourished children are more vulnerable comparing to their peers so they are at more risk to get sick.

According to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) more than 232 million children worldwide are suffering from malnutrition, which is the main reason to nearly half of children deaths under 5.

Children nutrition and the care of pregnant woman and newborns program is a key priority in providing secondary and primary health care, which is through package of services like providing health care for the mothers during pregnancy and after giving birth, health awareness about natural birth, breastfeeding, regular checking, obstetrics, providing food, needed medicine and supplements especially in the camps.

Malak and her mother is one of hundreds of success stories that we achieved in our medical and ambulance centers, as our aim is always getting the best level of health for both women and children in all NES

In accordance with humanitarian standards, Protection and Psychological Support Office of the Kurdish Red Crescent


In accordance with humanitarian standards, Protection and Psychological Support Office of the Kurdish Red Crescent succeeds again in its humanitarian interventions, as it helped Diaa 22-year-old. Diaa became the breadwinner for his three siblings after he lost his parents. KRC hastened to provide all their needs, and get him a job in one of KRC points, so he has now a good income enables them to live independently.

She has a boy after losing two embryos due to diabetes.

Kurdia Suleiman, displaced from Sery Kaniyeh and living in Washokani camp, lost two of her embryos due to suffering from diabetes, but in her last pregnancy, she got treatment at KRC medical point and finally she has a boy.