The co-chair of Kurdish Red Crescent received a French delegation, headed by the French ambassador to Syria,

During the visit, they learned about the work of the organization, where they expressed their admiration and appreciation for the quality of the health services provided, in addition to providing three ambulances equipped with medical tools as additional assistance along with some of their health projects with us during past period.

Cholera training to CHW

After havıng many Cholera cases ın NES ,the offıce of Health Educatıon Programm dıd many procedures about this disease and how to prevent it.However community health workers team of KRC conducted many trainings in all KRC facilities to start an awareness campaign to get the beneficiaries to know this disease and how to avoid it.

A Dialogue session, for raisıng the obstetrics and gynecology capacity of the medical staff

Is holding today, in coordination with the Medical Programs Office. Many topics were discussed with 34 midwives and gynecologists from KRC staff:
Explanation about giving birth- labor – speeding up childbirth – postpartum care- Why mothers prefer Cesarean operation and its cons in addition to the way of treatment – Bleeding of the first three months of pregnancy(causes – how to stop and treat it) and definition of Misoprostol and its indication.That was to raise the level of work in those departments.

Hope through work

On #World_Suicide_Prevention_Day , 10th September Protection and Psychological Support Office of Kurdish Red Crescent/KRC/ launched an awareness campaign entitled “Hope through work “.
According to WHO, suicides occur somewhere in the world every 40 seconds, that is the 3rd leading cause of death of girls and the third cause of men death, approximately, 800,000 people suicide every year, it mostly takes place in developing countries.
The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of suicide prevention through coping and problem-solving skills besides establishing good relationships with caregivers, the activities are conducting in KRC facilities under the supervision of psychologists where health, physical and mental care is available.

Kidney disease……. stories of hope in the face of pain

kidney diseases cause annually thousands or maybe millions of deaths worldwide, as the kidney loses its functions gradually and sometimes completely. KRC centers receive about 5000 kidney cases on yearly bases. Mouhamad Ali Amin Aziz 72 -a displaced from Seri Kanie countryside, lives in Tala`a camp is one of the recovery stories.