Hasaka city lack to water in COVID19 conditions

Kurdish Red Crescent’s operation desk communicates daily with the confirmed cases of “Covid19” in Northern Syria , to following up and monitoring their cases and their families’ situation.
Until now, all the cases are mild cases and do not require medical interventions, just need continuous follow-up, which is what we do.
When our team contacted the case in Al-Hasakah, their question was about water (there is no water for showering and there is a little for drinking…).
Fortunately, the Kurdish Red Crescent recently starts a project to distribute water in several neighborhoods in Al-Hasaka, through this project we are providing the family with water and will continue as a temporary solution.
The most important thing that awareness campaigns focus to facing the Corona virus is personal hygiene and hand washing, and with the lack of water, prevention measures cannot be applied and the risk of spreading the infection increases further.
Cutting off water on a city facing such a pandemic and employing the needs of civilians for political purposes is a shame for any political party, and unfortunately, this is the situation in Al- Hasaka that has not received a suitable solution until now.

Abu Qalqal Primary Health Care Center

The primary health care centre in Abu Qalqal considered as the main destination for the people in town and its countryside, reach 140 Southend people in all the area.
The centre receives more or less 150 patients each day and 1500 patients in a month: within the departments of Emergency, paediatric -and women Interior clinics.
We provide also a Health Education, a laboratory and Pharmacy; there is also a birth room receives more than 120 births during a month through gynecologist doctors and midwives work 24/7.
The medical team provides, in addition to the health and emergency service, a protocol for Corona – virus (covid19) supported by the health education team to raise awareness about the disease.

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