Lachmaniac and its treatment in Kurdish Red Crescent centers

The medical point in Washokani is still providing treatment for patients of Leishmania, knowing that the number has increased since the last August to be more than 1041 patients and about 8328 visitors receiving the doses by the end of January.


Leishmania is a parasitic disease spread by the bite of tiny infected sand flies. It is one of the most popular skin pdiseases in the world, infecting people from different ages.  

This fly attacks the skin causing festering wounds last for long time. However, the injury begins to appear, several weeks after the sting, in the form of red blisters small or large with ulcers on them.  The secretions of these ulcers settle on the surface and get dry, then they enlarge gradually, especially when the immunity is weak.

There are many factors of spreading this disease; one of them is the dry water marshes in NES that cause infection of thousands of patients every year. Those patients visit KRC primary health care points, as they get treatment with muscular or local vaccine after a recommendation from the doctor; they get treatment from KRC till they fully recover.