Renovating Afrin Hospital and improving the health situation in al-Shahba

Despite the capabilities and exceptional circumstances that the Shahba region is going through, our teams in the Kurdish Red Crescent have started a project to restore Afrin Hospital, which is visited by 13,000 patients monthly, and references from the regions and villages of Shahba, and receives their cases from clinics and ambulances, including performing surgeries.
The following sections of the hospital will be restored (operating room – laboratory – intensive care).
The restoration operations will last up to 60 days.

Continuing the distribution of aid in the villages of al-Shahba

Our teams in the Kurdish Red Crescent distributed aid and supplies to the families and displaced people residing in the villages of (Harbel – Umm Al-Housh – Umm Al-Qura) affiliated to Al-Shahba, where the aid included (360) bags of baby diapers, and (1200) shares of rice.
It is worth noting that since the earthquake occurred on the sixth of last February, the efforts of the Kurdish Red Crescent continue to provide health care and aid.