Qamishlo Center provides services for more than 21,524 patients during 2016

Qamishlo Center provides services for more than 21,524 patients during 2016

Health center of the Kurdish Red Crescent in Qamishlo presented medical services to more than 21,523 patients during 2016 in there clinics from internal, children and leishmaniasis. Specialists doctors provide them with the necessary medications.

The children’s section 4991 case in addition to provide them by necessary medication.

10624 case from Interior section benefited from the services of the clinic ECG and Eco in addition to give medicines for asthma, diabetes, heart attack and the Interior to the patients.

While leishmaniasis section presented doses for 5909’s person give to them intramuscularly or topically depending on the situation.

The center help some citizens by providing them with surgical supplies and changing bandages of civilians wounded victims of the bombings in their homes.

The Kurdish Red Crescent offers many vaccines in Afrin and its environs

The Kurdish Red Crescent branch of Afrin in cooperation and coordination with MSF offeres many vaccines to curb the spread epidemics and diseases.

Afrin branch providing vaccines in Afrin center and its environs Mabatli and Jenderis every Wednesday.

The vaccination covered the following : (Polio – tuberculosis – hepatitis – measles – rubella – mumps – pertussis – tetanus – diphtheria – Haemophilus, influenzae).

In addition to these vaccines they give pneumococcal vaccine which is given for the first time in Syria and protects the child against many important and serious diseases like meningitis and pneumonia. Vaccines do not cause any side effects on children. the Medical staff who works to give vaccines, trainer and works under the supervision of specialized doctors group.