The Kurdish Red Crescent offers many vaccines in Afrin and its environs

The Kurdish Red Crescent branch of Afrin in cooperation and coordination with MSF offeres many vaccines to curb the spread epidemics and diseases.

Afrin branch providing vaccines in Afrin center and its environs Mabatli and Jenderis every Wednesday.

The vaccination covered the following : (Polio – tuberculosis – hepatitis – measles – rubella – mumps – pertussis – tetanus – diphtheria – Haemophilus, influenzae).

In addition to these vaccines they give pneumococcal vaccine which is given for the first time in Syria and protects the child against many important and serious diseases like meningitis and pneumonia. Vaccines do not cause any side effects on children. the Medical staff who works to give vaccines, trainer and works under the supervision of specialized doctors group.

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