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With the provision of proper healthcare, it is not impossible to overcome diabetes.

We, at the Kurdish Red Crescent, consider healthcare and providing medical services as our main goal. Ibrahim Khudair Al-Hamoud, a fifty-year-old displaced person from the city of Serekaniye/Ras al-Ain, lives in the Serekaniye “Al-Talaeen” camp in eastern Al-Hasakah. He suffers from diabetes, which has affected his right foot. He receives care from the Kurdish Red […]

2,000 monthly beneficiaries of medical services in the Shahba areas

The only medical center in Sardam camp, affiliated with the Kurdish Red Crescent, provides medical services around the clock to more than 3,700 displaced individuals in the camp. It receives approximately 2,000 beneficiaries monthly in the internal, pediatric, gynecological, emergency, pharmacy, leishmaniasis, protection, and psychosocial departments. It is worth mentioning that the staff at the […]

The Kurdish Red Crescent provided immediate and urgent first aid to two children from the village of Al-Salmasa in the countryside of Tel Tamr.

as a result of their exposure to the explosion of war remnants. Most of the injuries were in the abdomen and legs. After providing all necessary and urgent medical care, they were transferred to hospitals in Al-Hasakah city for treatment. The Kurdish Red Crescent continues to work on assisting the victims and providing medical referral […]

Awareness of the importance of breastfeeding is ongoing

Breastfeeding is one of the best investments to save infants lives, especially in improving health, social, and economic development. As part of the activities of World Breastfeeding Week in August, the health education team at the Kurdish Red Crescent points in camps in northern and eastern Syria continues to provide guidance and awareness-raising tips to […]

With the support of Medico International Switzerland, the Kurdish Red Crescent continues to provide its medical services to the residents in remote villages in the outskirts of Tabqa through mobile clinics.

The services of the KRC continue in remote areas of Tabqa. Access to remote and rural areas, especially those that have faced many crises, including a lack of medical services due to their distance from city centers, is one of the biggest challenges in providing healthcare. Since 2016, the Kurdish Red Crescent has been providing […]

Baran, the 10 year old child from Kobani, goes back to the playground with a smile, after the prosthetic limbs center restored the limbs he lost in the explosion that was caused by ISIS remnants of war.

Baran goes back to the playground with a smile on his face. Remnants of war usually cause death among civilians, with the majority of the victems being children that are unaware of their danger, and one of these victems was the 10 years old Baran Mazen Qary, he fled along with his family from Kobani […]