With the support of Medico International Switzerland, the Kurdish Red Crescent continues to provide its medical services to the residents in remote villages in the outskirts of Tabqa through mobile clinics.

The services of the KRC continue in remote areas of Tabqa.
Access to remote and rural areas, especially those that have faced many crises, including a lack of medical services due to their distance from city centers, is one of the biggest challenges in providing healthcare.
Since 2016, the Kurdish Red Crescent has been providing services to these areas as part of its priorities and goals. Hundreds of remote villages have been targeted and provided with primary healthcare services, as well as services for women and children, through mobile clinics equipped with ambulances and medical teams. This is done through ongoing programs, and one of the targeted areas is the rural area of Tabqa. The mobile clinic team, currently supported by Medicos International Switzerland, visits several villages that are approximately 65 km away from the city center, continuing to provide the care that the residents in these areas have been lacking.

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