Women’s services in Al-Sour town

A medical staff consisting of a gynecologist, midwives and nurses receive women through a clinic and a labor department at the medical point in Al-Sour town, us last month the number of beneficiaries during reached to 1080 inspections and 26 natural births where attention to reproductive health, gynecology, pregnancy control and follow-up of women before and after birth, in addition to the department of health education that provides awareness sessions for them.


Emergency and Ambulance Center in Raqqa

As another step added to the range of health services we provide through several centers in Raqqa city, an emergency and ambulance center was opened on April 1, 2022 to confirm our continued commitment to expanding our capacity and upgrading our services.  

The center includes 4 ambulances, 12 paramedics and 12 ambulance drivers to respond to emergencies expected cases within the city and its countryside in coordination with the Central Operations disk, which coordinates the work of all emergency centers of KRC in NES.

Their laugh makes us keep going

Name: Fadhila Khader Al Ali
Age: 7 years
Housing: Washukani Camp
Injury: Physical disability
Date and cause of disability: conducting an operation for a mass in the spine that led to loss the ability of using the lower limbs
Fadhila’s physical disability and not integrating with her peers increased the displacement suffering. However, Community Protection team in Washukani camp tracked the case and the response was by providing a wheelchair for the child.
Community Protection Program seeks empowering people with disability and including them with their peers to secure good psychosocial and social life.
Fadhila is just one example among thousands of children in NES who have been displaced and have to live in poor conditions with lack of health care and safety