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In Sulaymaniya city the word charity day festival

The Kurdish Red Crescent branch in the Kurdistan Bashour participated in the World Charity Day festival, which was held yesterday (5/9/2023) in the city of Sulaymaniyah. The festival was attended by 45 organizations, religious institutions, and a group for showcasing charitable humanitarian projects and works. The Kurdish Red Crescent also showcased the projects and works […]

Primary Health Care in Sherwa

KRC opened a health point in the country side of Shirawa district over 5 years ago, where the paramedic team, and the ambulance provide first aid for 6 villages (Bujr Qas – Al-Thoq Al-Kabeer – Kalotah – Maiasah – Zarni’itah – Bashimra), and the services cover almost (4900) inhabitants, and these services are being provided […]

Together for well health and clean environment

We, in the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in northeastern Syria, have been working for several years to develop our projects aimed at the safe disposal of medical waste and expired medicines. Last week, we met with UPP, the Health Authority, the Medical Services Centre and the Municipalities Authority’s Health Committee to develop new plans to […]

Renovating Afrin Hospital and improving the health situation in al-Shahba

  Despite the capabilities and exceptional circumstances that the Shahba region is going through, our teams in the Kurdish Red Crescent have started a project to restore Afrin Hospital, which is visited by 13,000 patients monthly, and references from the regions and villages of Shahba, and receives their cases from clinics and ambulances, including performing […]

Raising awareness about antibiotic resistance and measles continues in all camps

Our health education team aims to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance In all camps, including Washokani camp, west of the city of Hasakah. According to our team, antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria to develop mechanisms that enable them to resist the effects of antibiotics. Therefore, it educates and guides the residents of the […]