Landmine remnants injure four children in Tal Rifaat

International Children’s Day was declared in 1954 as a global occasion celebrated on 20 November every year to enhance international bonding, raise awareness among the world’s children, and improve their well-being.
While most Syrian children lack their most basic rights, in addition to the physical and psychological remnants of war that they learn every day.
Exactly on this morning, a landmine planted between olive fields in Tal Rifaat exploded with four children from one family, aged between 9 and 14 years.
The four children sustained injuries that could remain with them for their lives
It is worth noting that the statistics of war remnants casualties in al-Shahba areas have reached /81/ to this day.

child-friendly space opened in Washukani camp


Children are our main goal in all our projects. So, we did our best to feature the International Children’s Day. Therefore, we had a research,  at the Office of Protection in cooperation with the Committee  of the Protection of children  of  North-East Syria,  on the situation of children in the “Washukani” displaced camp, where people got displaced from the city of Sri Kanye more than a year ago.  It was our pleasure to   open a “child-friendly space”  focusing on children more and following up on their mental health   targeting pre-school ages.

 This area named after “Mohammed” and “Sarah” to embody  all children affected by  the war.  Children of the camp, and some KRC members besides Committee for the Protection of the Child, participated this event which  included a series of amusement activities in which the children expressed their joy and gratitude.

Distributing bags for the students in Al-Shahba

Despite the difficulties and obstacles that we face, we do not hesitate to provide medical and relief assistance to the people in Al-Shahba areas.
Our organization, in coordination with the Education Authority for Democratic Society, distributed a batch of school bags for first-grade students in Al-Shahba Schools, whose number reached
/ 2550 / male and female students.

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