child-friendly space opened in Washukani camp


Children are our main goal in all our projects. So, we did our best to feature the International Children’s Day. Therefore, we had a research,  at the Office of Protection in cooperation with the Committee  of the Protection of children  of  North-East Syria,  on the situation of children in the “Washukani” displaced camp, where people got displaced from the city of Sri Kanye more than a year ago.  It was our pleasure to   open a “child-friendly space”  focusing on children more and following up on their mental health   targeting pre-school ages.

 This area named after “Mohammed” and “Sarah” to embody  all children affected by  the war.  Children of the camp, and some KRC members besides Committee for the Protection of the Child, participated this event which  included a series of amusement activities in which the children expressed their joy and gratitude.

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