Covid-19 centers and hospitals


Since the spread of Covid-19 virus in North Syria, we expanded our response to include hotlines that tracked by the operation Desk, emergency centers for covid patients and rapid response teams, expanding Covid awareness campaigns.
The need to establish Covid-19 hospitals and health centers was an essential issue we had to conduct in a short time to face this pandemic.
The Kurdish Red Crescent medical staff more than (200) doctors, paramedics and nurses who work within these centers and hospitals receive periodic trainings to enhance the medical service quality, besides get more benefit of the avialable resources to have more recovered cases. Embark on a zany journey with the rick and morty wubba slot demo .

The child Rania, victim of forced displacement


The suffering and pains of a displaced Afrin family have accumulated in Shahba camps (Barkhdan camp), where the suffering of displacement and the pain of their 15-year-old daughter “Rania”.
Rania, who suffered from the presence of free serous fluid in the head, led to an increase in pressure inside the skull. She had symptoms such as nausea, headache, vomiting, blurred vision, double vision, and balance problems such as lack of coordination.
And because of the lack of specialized medical personnel in the region, the girl suffered to this day.
Our medical teams in Shahba made several visits to them, medical and psychological support was provided to them.