Coming soon, no darkness anymore in Qamişlo

 Coming soon, no darkness anymore. We are looking forward to seeing Qamishlo shining in a few days. This video detailed everything, lets watch



Uncle Ismail talks about his experience with Coronavirus and Coved19 Hospital

Covid is still active and scaring us, in return Krc’s Covid hospital is going on improving, getting more experience and treading more patients. Starting from this point, we met Mr. Ismail who is narrating his story.

The shelling continues on the displaced in Al-Shahaba

The Turkish Army, backed by Islamic factions, continues to bomb the areas of Shahba, to which the people of Afrin have fled, and today three people have been killed by this attack (two children from the town of Tal Rifaat, ages 8 and 12 years , and a displaced woman from Afrin)
More than six people, all civilians from the same families, were wounded, including children and women.
The Turkish attacks on a camp area inhabited by IDPs and civilians are a blatant violation of any humanity or ethic law.

Qamishlo Road Lighting Project

The Kurdish Red Crescent, with support of Barcelona’ municipalities, is implementing a solar-powered lighting project by installing a solar array in three different locations, including lighting lamps, solar panels, batteries, and an inverter with all the necessary equipment and accessories, where each site has a technical room.
The project is implemented on two stages :
Through rehabilitating the lighting poles and doing all maintenance work, to be ready for the installation of lighting lamps.
Then the lighting devices will installe, where the technical rooms are ready for work, and follow-up devices maintenance continuously.
Target sites:
The first location: It starts from Al-Sharq Roundabout down to Traffic Roundabout.
The second site: It starts from Al-Baladiya Street down to Al-Bisheriya Bridge and Al-Murabba ‘, between Al-Baladiya Street and Al-Wehda Street, targeting five horizontal streets
The third site: it starts from the oven roundabout down to Al-A’laf roundabout and heart and eye’ Hospital Street.
The implementation of the first stage of the project has already started, and work continues to finish the first stage and start with second stage.

Uncle Abdul-ِِziz’s Experience with Corona


 Coronavirus has turned the world’s scales since its debut, causing scare among people. However, in the midst of all this, there are optimistic stories of people who have recovered from the disease.

“Uncle Abdulaziz”

Uncle AbdulAziz (66) yeas old recounts his experience with the disease, how he recovered from it, and the wrong experiences that many people are going through that we must not repeat.