“Early checkup. Step by thousand”

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. It is not just a disease, but a threat to women’s lives and health. Therefore, understanding the disease and raising awareness of its symptoms and ways to prevent it is essential for every woman and for society in general. Breast cancer is characterized by growing in the glandular cells of the breast and may spread to other parts of the body rapidly if early diagnosis and prompt treatment are not provided.
From this standpoint, and to pay more attention to women’s health, the Women’s Committee of the Kurdish Red Crescent always conducts extensive awareness campaigns about the disease during the pink month of October, for awareness and early detection of breast cancer, so that the title of this year it is “Early checkup… Step by thousand” where the campaign includes awareness sessions for women, the distribution of brochures and the suspension of awareness Felix for the Mammogram Center of the Kurdish Red Crescent.

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