The Kurdish Red Crescent Afreen branch / center

The first humanitarian organization in Afreen Canton where have done to presentation all helps in all domains for poors and needed people

In 2013 they have presented financial, morale , medical to IDPs of Shekh Meqsud in schools

In 2014 KRC has presented medical services to IDPs of Til Hasil , Til Arran, and  Ahrez in encampment of M. Dokhan in Kefir geneh

Now the center  is presenting the medical services, including ;

Dentists clinic : there are  2 dentists and nurse

A monthly  rate of patients are 120 patients.

Leishmania  clinic : there are a pharmacist and volunteers of KRC on each Saturday and Wednesday . the total of patients are 15 patients  per week

Pharmacy: pharmacist and 2 nurses a monthly rate of receipts are 350 receipt centralization

Injection programme: this programme present all injections of children under 5 years old, addition to injection of Tetanus for women a  weekly rate of children have injected are 80 children  and 30 women every Wednesday  per week.

The center going on to open nursing courses to all people , till now the center  have finished 3 courses

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