“Killing children is the biggest crime against humanity”

In the context of the development of events in Afrin and the intensification of attacks by the Turkish army on all areas of Afrin targeting civilians, , The number of child victims has increased from the wounded and martyrs, so the Kurdish Red Crescent presented and documented the last result of the children victims  from 20/1/2018 – 20/2/2018

UNICEF laws assure that children have the right of living, learning, playing, laughing and expressing themselves. However, here in Afrin children lost their innocence, their right of learning, playing and laughing because of the Turkish attacks on their houses, schools and parks. Afrin’s children aged too much because of their deep injuries as they lost their lives and the details in them. One child lost his hand, another lost his foot and most of children lost their family members with no one left. Afrin children sense fear, instability, lost and anger, they also live in basements that are not suitable for living.

Turkish government claims that it fights terrorism but this report will prove that children are the most targeted people as the number of victimized children have reached 69 among them 47 wounded and 22 martyrs.

Sherwa district: Turkish attacks bombed Sherwa district heavily and without mercy leading to three terrible massacres in three families, but children were the most increased number. Al-Hussien family that consist of three families were IDPs from Edlib-Ma’rt Nouma’n town who came to Jilboul village to look for a better and more secure life. The family was running a chicken ranch and working near their houses when the Turkish shells in 21\1\2018 surprised them. (24) members of the family were victims among them 11 children. The martyrs are: 1.Wael Al-Hussein one year old. 2.Salma Al-Hussein six years old. 3.Mousab Al- Hussein six years old. 4.Ghaliya Al-Hussein eight years old. 5.Hedel Al-Hussein ten years old. 6.Ahmed Al-Hussein seventeen years old. We are sorry for these pictures but we think it is important to show you facts and reality.

The wounded are: 1.Guma’ Mohemmed Al Hussien 14 years old got injury in his foot. 2.Hesen Ibrahim Al Hussien 2 years old got injury in his head. 3.Hemedah Ibrahim Al Hussien 3 years old got injury in her head.

Both Hesen and Hemida are in the photo below:

4.Ismial Mohemmed Ibrahim 12 years old got injuries in his lower parts.

5.Fadi Al Hussien 10 years old got injuries in his thigh and head.

Keno family was IDPs came to Gubeleh village in Sherwa district, they consisted of three families ( 25 ) members. They worked in grazing herds for their living but Turkish shells targeted them repeatedly until no one survived in 28\1\2018, even their houses became ashes. The KRC team did not recognize the bodies of people from herds, they saw a yard full of bodies among them( 5) children got martyred and 4 were wounded.

The martyrs are: 1. Kemal keno seven months.

2. Safaa Keno seven years old. 3.Hesen Keno thirteen years old. 4.Hanedy Keno fifteen years old. 5.Amera Keno seventeen years old. The wounded are: 1.Hesna’ Abd Allah Keno 2 years old got many fragments in her body. 2.Mehmoud Abd Allah Keno 6 years old got fragments in his sides. 3.Rehev Abd Allah Keno got fragments in his right forearm. 4.Abd Allah Mohemmed Keno got fragment in his right forearm. Kilaho family that lives in Basutah village in Sherwa district had a very horrible massacre by turkish shells in 19\2\2018. One of Kilaho’s relatives reported that the kids were playing outside with laughter and smiles on their faces when suddenly they started crying, screaming and the blood spread all over the place on their tiny bodies. Kilaho’s kids will never laugh again because of their deep injuries.

The martyr is: 1.Heva Ahmed Kilaho 13 years old.

The wounded are: 1.Dijwar Nazmy Kilaho 8 years old got injuries in his right knee.

2.Jeenav Ziad Kilaho 11 years old got injury in her knee.

3.Shivan Khalil Kilaho 6 years old got fragmen ts in his body.

4.Henan Mohemmed Kilaho 11 years old got injuries in his back and foot.

5.Ava Khalil Kilaho 11 years old got injuries in her forearm.

6.Dilber Kilaho 14 years old got bruising in her body.

7.Mohemmed Ziad Nebih 9 years old got fragments in his hand and thigh.

Jendyras district: The district most attacked and shelled to the extent that not a single day pass without victims. In Jendyas children live in basements and see death every day forgetting the meaning of the normal life and why they are children. Jendyras’ children dream of quite sleeping away from bombs and rockets’ sounds. In 23\1\2018 Turkish airstrikes caused a massacre between civilians among them 17 children. The wounded are: 1.Aya Nebo 7 years old got injury in her belly. 2.Ameen Rizan 10 years old got injury in his head. 3.Suzan Sibhy Sulieman 11 years old got injury in her head and forearm. 4.Jhonny Rizan 11 years old got injury in his head. 5.Mustefah Mohemmed Khelof 12 years got fragment in his lower limbs.

6.Aya Kedro 15 years old got fragments in her right knee. 7.Mustefah Khelof 14 years old got injury in his both left and right legs.

The martyrs are:

1.Jegar Khon Ameen Heydar 15 years old.

There are other victims at different dates. The martyr is: 1.Nazy Yousef Yousef 16 years old in 25\1\2018. The wounded are: 1.Yousef Abd Alruhman 15 years old got injury in his head in 21\1\2018 in Jelma village. 2.Mohemmed Jamil Sulieman 4 years old got a fragment in his leg in 22\1\2018 in Til Silour village.

3.Asya Mohemmed Khelof 15 years old got a fragment in her lower parts in 26\1\2018. 4.Hameed Rashid Mehmoud 4 years old got shot in his forehead in 4\2\2018 in Kefer Safra. 5.Ali Hesen Al Masry 13 years old got many fragments in his body in 16\2\2018 in Yelan Khouz village.

6.Akram Osman Shiekho 17 years old got arterial bleeding in 19\2\2018 in Jelemah village. As for the twins from Dier Belawt village: 7.Mehmoud Beder Dirmoush 10 years old got fragments in head and belly. 8.Mustaffah Beder Dirmoush 10 years old got injury in his ureter. The twins’ mother Diebah Ahmed 35 years old got sniper’s shot in her thigh.
Mobeteh district: Most victimized children in Mobeteh district were victims of a horrible massacre in 26\1\2018. Al Kheter family was IDPs from Til Kirah came to Mbeteh looking for security and better life but unfortunately they were targets of Turkish rockets and shells. The only survivor daughter said that it was early in the morning they were sleeping when Turkish military planes surprised them. Safaa Al Kheter’s family were seven members, the victimized children are: The martyrs are: 1.Yousra Taha Al-Khater nine years old. 2.Soulieman Taha Al-Khater fourteen years old. 3.Zaky Taha Al-Khater fifteen years old. 4.Moustefa Taha Al-Khater seventeen years old.

The other children are: 5.Lewand Mustefah Adnan 2 years old got injury in his head in Mirkan village in 11\2\2018.

Afrin city: The first victims in Afrin city because of Turkish airstrikes in 20\1\2018 were two kids from the same family one got martyred and the other got serious injuries in his body . this family was IDPs from Edileb who came to Afrin. The martyr is: 1.Yihya Ahmed Hemedah 9 years old.

The wounded is:

2.Khaled Ahmed Hemedah 11 years old got injuries in his belly and his medical situation is very critical. The result of the Turkish bombing to the villages on boarders, led to families leaving their houses and moving to Afrin city center among these families was Alieko family who moved from Jelemah village running away from Turkish fires there, they stayed in one of the building’s basements in Turnidah village. Seven members from Alieko family were victims: The martyr is: 1.Arhat Ahmed Alieko 9 years old got martyred even though doctors tried really hard to save him.

The wounded are: 1.Mohemmed Ahmed Alieko 10 years old got fragments in his leg and wrist.

2.Abdo Mousa 11 years old got injury in his thigh.

3.Rouha Ahmed Mohemmed 10 years old got her nose broken due to turkish attacks against Al Mehmoudiya nieghbourhood in 13\2\2018.
Bilbileh district: From the very first day Bilbileh district was under the sever attacks to the extent most villagers left their houses to save their lives. The wounded are: 1.Abdo Shieko 2 years got injury in his forehead in 13\2\2018 in Khoutah villag. 2.Mohemmed Noury Ibrahim 10 years old got bruising in his head in 15\2\2018 in Khoutana village. 3.Kawa Ahmed Hebib 17 years old got fragments and breaking in his thigh in 18\2\2018. In Khoutah village.
Rajo district: This district especially its border villages were the direct targets of the Turkish fires and the Jihadist groups, the thing that led to people moving from their villages and Rajo’s children were victims. The martyr is: 1.Mohemmed Khalil Beker 10 years old got martyred in 22\1\2018 in Al Teniyaw village. The wounded are: 1.Hiba Akram Osman 13 years old got injury in her forearm in 21\1\2018 in Adamo village.

2.Mustefah Apo Hemo 12 years old got injuries in his lower limbs in 21\1\2018. 3.Mohemmed Sido 5 years old got fragment in his foot in 26\1\2018. 4.Rojin Kharaman 16 years old got injury in her face.
Shiyeh district: The caves in Shiyeh district is full of the civilians sheltering from Turkish fires and attacks but it is obvious that turkish aircrafets insist on targeting innocent kids. The martyr is: 1.Mohemmed Khalil Beker 10 years old got martyred in 22\1\2018 in Al Toniyaw village. The wounded are: 2.Roujhat Ahmed 3 years old got injury in his chest in 23\1\2018. 3.Hussien Hesen Hemgolin 16 years old got in his shoulder in 23\1\2018. 4.Ahmed Mohemmed Kheljeko 7 years old got injury in h is head in 3\2\2018 in Chakhalaw village . In the same incident, his mother Zerifa Beyder Gezo got injuried.

5.Heva Mohemmed Ahmed 16 years old got injury in her wrist in 3\2\208 in Chakhalaw village, her parents got injuried in the same incident ( Fatmah Jamil Mustafah and Mohemmed Ahmed).
At the end of this report, we assure that it is possible that numbers of victimized children
increase daily as the Turkish attacks continue on Afrin. Therefore, we ask Human Rights
Organizations to do their jobs stopping the Turkish attacks on civilians and punish Turkish

government at committing war crimes against childhood. We also ask the UN to put into
consideration children’s situations in basements, caves and unsuitable places.
The victims mentioned above are those we could document them with names and photos.
There are possibilities that there are more numbers of victimized children.
It is worthy to mention that UNICEF gives blind eyes on the massacres and crimes against
childhood in Afrin.

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