Afrin-North Syria (a detailed file on the committed massacres done by the Turkish airstrikes with its allied forces on Afrin)



1.the first massacre in the first day of the Turkish airstrikes 20\1\2018:

The Turkish military airstrikes targeted several times Afrin city at around four o’clock afternoon in Turneda village. The attacks caused damages in people’s houses and souls, which led to a terrible massacre (IDP) family displaced to Afrin from Edileb.

But unfortunately  all the familly members were died.

Hemada family from Edileb were surprised by the sounds of the Turkish airplanes, the kids went out to see what was going on, but when the mother rushed to get her children in, she saw them on the ground with their organs out of their bodies.

The nine-year old Yehya Hemeda got martyr; even though the doctors tried hard to rescue him. His brother Khaled Hemeda who was eleven years old suffered from very bad injuries in abdomen and his situation is now very critical, hoping he will come over soon. Not to mention the injured member in the family.


2.the second massacre in the second day of the Turkish airstrikes 21\1\2018:

In the second day of the Turkish airstrikes on Afrin, Al-Hussien family in Jilboul town in Sherwa district, was the target of Turkish shells. This miserable family who consists of three families together came from Edileb as well – Maaret Nouman town as IDPs running away from the conflict in their area to Afrin region looking for a better way of living and shelter for their children.

The family managed to get a house in Jilboul village and ran a ranch for chickens, but the family faced a very awful massacre leaving 24 person injured among them 11martyrs and 8 wounded and 5 missing members, most of them were children and women.



The martyrs are:

1.Wael Al-Hussein one- year old.

2.Salma Al-Hussein six years old.

3.Mousab Al- Hussein six years old.

4.Ghaliya Al-Hussein eight years old.

5.Hedel Al-Hussein ten years old.

6.Ahmed Al-Hussein seventeen years old.

7.Rehef Al-Hussein thirty three years old.

8.Bedar Al-Hussein twenty four years old.

9.unknown person

10.Emad Shamo twenty nine years old.

11.Ahmed Rehmano thirty seven years old

The wounded are:

1.Guma Mohemmed Al-Hussein seventeen years old.

2.Hemeda Ibrahim three years old.

3.Hesen Ibrahim Al-Hussein two years old.

4.Fadi Mohemmed Eed ten years old.

5.Ismail Mohemmed Ibrahim twelve years old.

6.Ibrahim Mohemmed Ibrahim thirty five years old.

7.Khaled Mohemmed Ali thirty six years old.



3.the third massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 23\1\2018:

Turkey forces along with what so called the free army and other gangs bombed randomly the civilians in Jendayrs district where both Arabs and Kurds live together with heavy weapons. The Turkish airstrikes focused on Al-Hemam village ) still under attacks) . Turkish and gangs’ shells left a lot of damages among poor civilians causing a terrible massacre between kids, women and elderly people. The numbers of victims reached to 45 people from them five martyrs and 41 wounded. The medical center was also attacked and the Kurdish Red Crescent’s ambulance got shot by many shots.

The martyrs are:

1.unknown child four years old.

2.Elmaza Shieko Horo fifty years old.

3.unknown women fifty five years old.

4.unknown person nineteen years old.

5.Gigar Khon fifteen years old.


4.the fourth massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 26\1\2018:

The bombs , shells and rockets target almost all towns, villages and regions in Afrin . This time the Turkish forces with its terrorist groups targeted Moubeta district leading to a very terrible massacre in a civilian family who were refugees from Tel-Kirah town in North Aleppo. The victims were seven members from the same family. Al-Khater family came to Afrin looking for a living and a safe shelter for their children. But unfortunately they became an easy target for Turkish shells which destroyed their homes on their heads while they were sleeping.

The six martyrs are:

1.Yousra Taha Al-Khater nine years old.

2.Soulieman Taha Al-Khater fourteen years old.

3.Zaky Taha Al-Khater fifteen years old.

4.Moustefa Taha Al-Khater seventeen years old.

5.Amena Taha Al-Khater fourty years old.

6.Taha Moustefa Al-Khater fourty five years old.

As for the seventh member Safaa Taha Al-Khater nineteen years old, she had some minor injuries, the doctors assure that her psychological situation is very bad after she knew that all her family were dead.

5.the fifth massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 28\1\2018:

Afrin people woke up on a very awful massacre on Gubela village in Sherwa district. Keno family who consists of three families together came to Afrin region looking for a better life. The family worked in grazing herds of sheeps. According to the father  ( the only survivor) , the Turkish airstrikes bombed their houses with four rockets continuously making the house fall to the ground. When the rescue team of the Kurdish red crescent arrived to the place, they found a yard full of parts of bodies to the extent the team couldn’t recognize the shredders of human ‘s and herds’.

The victims of this massacre were mostly kids and women.

The eight martyrs are:

1.the child Kemal keno seven months.

2.the child Safaa Keno seven years old.

3.Hesen Keno thirteen years old.

4.Hanedy Keno fifteen years old.

5.Amera Keno seventeen years old.

6.Jourya Keno fourty five years old.

7.Fatema Abd Rebo fourty years old.

  1. Rewan Al-Aswad twenty years old.

While the rest they were badly wounded.

The names of wounded:

1.Abedallah Keno fifty years old.

2.Mohemmed Abedallah Keno twenty seven years old.

3.Abedallah Mohemmed Keno two years old.

4.Hesnaa Abedallah Keno two years old.

5.Mehmoud Abedallah Keno six years old.

6.Rehef Abedallah Keno five years old.

7.Bedriya Abedallah Keno eighteen years old.

  1. the sixth massacre by the Turkish airstrikes 31\1\2018:

The Turkish airstrikes once again targeted Afrin city-Turneda village randomly. The savage attacks caused a very painful massacre to a very miserable family who already ran away from the Turkish fires in Jalema town. Aleko family were taking place in one of the basements in Turenda village as a temporary place. The reckless shell went directly to the basement leading to many injuries with their little child as a martyr.

The wounded are:

1.Mohemmed Aleko seventy five years old.

2.Ali Ekrem Aleko fourty years old.

3.Mohemmed Ahmed Aleko ten years old.

4.Abedo Mousa Mousa eleven years old.

5.Gulah Mohemmed Khalil fourty years old.

At the end of this report we assure that the numbers of martyrs increase daily as most of the wounded ‘s situations are very critical. This report include massacres from 20\1\2018   to  31\1\2018.

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