Statement to the world public opinion

The earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023, resulted in a great humanitarian catastrophe and great damages that the people of the region suffer until this moment
Accordingly, the global and regional humanitarian community made a great effort to provide financial and moral assistance to the people affected by this earthquake, and because they find the Kurdish Red Crescent trustworthy, they wanted this aid to reach the stricken areas through it
Unfortunately, without knowing the reasons, we face great obstacles, the latest of which was yesterday (21-2-2023), when our humanitarian aid convoy was denied entry by the Faysh Khabour” crossing and its affiliated authorities”
That is why we must inform the whole world about these obstacles as soon as possible. In the Kurdish Red Crescent, such decisions are unacceptable to us, and we see them as meaningless. It is our fundamental right as a Kurdish Red Crescent to deliver the aid sent by the communities that trust us to the required place.
Therefore, we urgently hope that those parties that put these obstacles will reverse these decisions and open all humanitarian ways and doors for assistance
Kurdish Red Crescent

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