The psychiatric clinic in Washokani camp

Some scholars call our era “an anxiety era” especially in the current reality, the presence of a psychiatric clinic within Washokani camp was one of the necessities for the displaced people in order to help them to understand their reality, adapt with the new reality and keep their psychological balance. Because the psychological health is very important for the individual in understanding him/herself , the ability to agree with him/herself and with others and face the difficulties of life smoothly and safely.
People who suffer of troubles in their psychological life face many problems like: stress, depression, anxiety, problems in getting relationships with others, sadness, lack in the attention, hyperactivity, difficulties in learning, insecurity and mood disturbance especially those who have psychological trauma during wars and disasters.
Psychotherapists within the psychiatric clinic of the Kurdish Red Crescent are seeking to best potential to improve psychological health and overcome its problems in various ways, such as treatment sessions or psychological consultations, which are transferred directly or by our medical clinics.

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