The mobile units is other part from the human work by KRC

The Kurdish Red crescent has started recently the mobile unit project for women and children health cases which serve country sides and villages af Rojava and Northern Syria .


The three mobile units have begun their work at the middle of November in 2017 with medical staff which contain Gynecologist , midwife ,nurse ,Paediatrician beside an ambulance for each one with  a driver and a medic for emergence cases in the areas of Raqqa , Tapqa cities and Aresha camp .


Each mobile unit contains the necessary medical equipment as Echo device ,preview bed , giving birth bed and other necessary medical equipment .

The mobile unit in Al Raqqa tries to treat patients as much as they can in (Mazraa Al- Galla  _ Mazraa Al-Qahtania  _ Al-Salhabia Al-Sharqia and the west area from Raqqa city ),whereas the mobile unit which exists in Al Tabqa city works two days a week in Al Twayhinea , two days in  Al Mansora  and a day in Al  Mahmudlia villages ,While  the mobile unit which it follow to Aresha camp is going to move . to Abo Khashab point because of opening a new field hospital in Aresha camp

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