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The Kurdish Red Crescent in Sherawa

 Sherawa is one of the areas that is covering medically by The Kurdish Red Crescent to include all the following points and centres: Brad Medical Point: which has opened on 18_8_2015. Where there doctors for all specialties are keeping up there, on(Saturdays , Mondays , Thursdays). And the monthly rate for patients is about (200 to 250) patient and available medicine are given to them for free. Robar Camp Medical Point: This point has opened on 1_1_2014 which is near to Baslhaya village. For presenting medical care (clinic and medicine for displaced), where a doctor and a nurse are there on (Saturdays , Mondays) and the rate for patients is about 200 patient monthly. In addition, comprehensive vaccines are giving to children under 5 years old. And also tetanus vaccines for women in regular monthly vaccine sessions. And also lishmania clinic which is active on Saturdays and Mondays. Where the rate for patients is 15 patient monthly. Bassota Center For Vaccine: Was opened on 13_2_2017 in weekly vaccine sessions,

where the rate for vaccinated children is 30 children. And for Tetanus vaccine for women is 20 per week