Kurdish Red Crescent’s work during 2020

2020 was a year full of extraordinary events for our work in the health sector, With the spread of Covid-19 virus, we gave an important and wide space to reduce the disease through several mechanisms, the most important of which was case management by preparing centers (3 centers) and departments of (5 hospitals) and a private hospital (Covid-19) in Al-Hasaka, where the number of beds in all facilities reached to more than 5,000 beds including beds for intensive care, an operating desk and rapid response teams and ambulances specilzed for the refeal of critical cases, and health education teams.

Also we opened new medical points for primary and secondary health care in each of (Tal Hajar / Hasakah City – Washokani Camp – Sere Kaniye Camp – Hamrat Al-Ghanam / Al-Raqqa City), in addition to three emergency centers in each of the cities of (Hasaka – Derik – Raqqa).
In addition to the continuous work of other sectors such as WASH, protection, relief and shelter sectors.
We started several evelopment and stabilisation projects such as road lighting project, proper disposal of medical waste, prosthetic center and physical treatment and many other activities…

The total number of beneficiaries of the Kurdish Red Crescent services during 2020 reached (1,649,826).

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