An older woman represents the most beautiful form of steadfastness in face of the war

This woman, who resisted to going with Daesh and stood up to staying in her home, where she was insulted and severely beaten, because of she made this  decision.

 She remained in her chair for 8 days with its harsh nights ,she had not any food just had some water to drink.

At the end of the handover of the city of Raqqa to the Civil Council and in the liberation celebrations, one of the civilians heard when he left the celebration a voice came from one of the houses calling seeking for  (Khaeria). He rushed to find the Syrian Democratic Forces to enter and rescue the woman.

They brought her to the Kurdish Red Crescent Hospital (TSP2) where the paramedics improved her condition and handed her to her relatives in Al-Hamrat area of Al-Raqqa city.



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